Facebook Marketing- Must Not Be Ignored


I meet with clients and prospects on the daily, who tell me that they are not advertising on Facebook, because there is no ROI or EVEN WORSE because they don’t want to have to pay to reach an audience they worked so hard to harvest and develop over the years. It’s as if Zucks is the leader of the evil empire and should be boycotted, because his amazing company wants to charge you to access their insane amount of data.  Damn him for being a capitalist and for creating the best targeting platform for marketers on the planet. While others walk away, I will continue to run towards this amazing advertising and targeting tool.

Below is a screenshot from one of our client’s Facebook Ads accounts, that breaks down just one of their awesome and successful Facebook Ads campaigns from September.  Yeah you read that right, $598 spent and $11,033 earned.  I am no math expert, but that sounds pretty good.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.10.12 AM

The targeting here was to three different sets: 1) Website visitors from the last 30 days, excluding those who actually did purchase and who are not already fans on Facebook. 2) Facebook fans who hadn’t visited the website in the last 30 days. 3) Website visitors from the last 30 days, who are also fans of the page. I bet you didn’t know those were all options, did you?

It is pretty powerful to target in these ways, while they are on Facebook and bring them back to the site for purchase. Sometimes they just need that extra touchpoint and nudge. Why would any marketer not at least explore this type of approach, before just unilaterally dismissing advertising on Facebook.

If you are ignoring Facebook Ads completely you are compromising your ability to win online. I encourage you at least explore the options before passing.  You will be pleasantly surprised by what you can do, and your ROI argument will start to change a bit.  #getinvolved


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Improve Tweets By Using Twitter Analytics

Twitter_AIt is not well-known that Twitter has an easy tool to help analyze tweets and boost tweet engagement. Social Media Examiner shares four easy steps to using and understanding Twitter analytics.

Twitter Activity 
There is no separate account needed to access Twitter analytics. Go to ads.twitter and sign in with your regular Twitter login information. After you’ve set a permanent country and time zone, you’ll have the option to click on ‘Analytics’ and view Tweet Activity. This will display your tweets from the past 28 days, as well as impressions, engagements, link clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies.

Export Data
Select ‘Export’ and choose the first batch of 92 days.You can repeat this process until you have at least a year’s worth of data downloaded. After this, consolidate all of this information into a master Microsoft Excel sheet. This document will help you take a look at the best times to tweet, what types of tweets get the most engagement, and the the amount of engagements your account has received.

Best Times to Tweet
Sort the data from the most to fewest impressions. You will be able to see what dates and times your tweets got the most impressions. From this information you can find trends based on day of week or time of the day. The top 50 or 100 tweets should give you an accurate view. Keep in mind that you should be tweeting consistently in order to get an accurate assessment.

Engaging Tweets
After you figure out the best time and day to tweet, the engagement column will help you assess what types of tweets are the most popular with your audience. Engagement takes into account all of the retweets, replies, favorites, or any other type of click.

This information gives you a greater understanding of your followers. It is important to export this data every few months to see if there are any changes.

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Rolling in the Deep: Instagram Analytics


This week Instagram launched deeper analytics for advertisers. With these analytics they offer greater visibility into how their campaigns are performing on the network.

The new metrics, similar to impressions, reach and engagement will be great tools to provide data to advertisers and marketers. According to Mashable, the Facebook-owned photo social platform plans to start the program to all potential advertisers in the coming months. For now, instagram has rolled out to their ad partners. Their ad partners range from Levi’s to Taco Bell.

These analytics will allow advertisers and marketers see an age and sex breakdown of users who are interacting with the brands. Moreover, there will be visibility to how an ad on Instagram will look like on a mobile phone. Advertisers can also get a detailed view of the posts and ads they have previously done. They can sort it out by chronology, impressions and likes. Instragram also created a raw data feed, which advertisers and marketers can use to sort data.

With these deeper analytics it will be easier to see which creative outlet works the best for various brands.

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Video Metrics for Facebook Coming Soon


Do you ever wonder if your videos are being seen on Facebook? With the goal of helping you understand how people see and respond to your videos, Facebook is announcing new video metrics in Page Insights.

Right now, as a page administrator you are only able to see how many people started watching your video. When video metrics are released, you will be able to see unique video views, the average duration of a view, total video views, and audience retention. Videos might not currently be the best performing type of post on Facebook, which is why this new feature will help you understand what resonates with your audience and how to improve the videos you are producing and using on Facebook.

For more information and to see a preview, click here.

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Twitter’s New Website Card: What You Need to Know!


The latest Twitter feature, the Website Card was introduced on Friday, May 2nd. The new ad unit is a powerful and new way for advertisers to easily surface website content within a tweet and drive relevant traffic to any page of their site, whether it be their product page, homepage, or a blog post.

This card permits users to easily find interesting content while providing advertisers the ability to drive a higher volume of URL clicks.  Users are able to preview an image, related context and a clear call to action in their timeline before tapping. Advertisers can tease certain content and therefore entice visits.

This is a great addition for Twitter marketing as it allows brands to get more information about people once they’ve gone from a Website Card to a commercial page. As Twitter grows and matures, so too shall it’s marketing opportunities for brands.

For more information on Website Cards from Twitter check out their blog post on it here.

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Hootsuite Acquires uberVU: What This Means for Brands

Social media management tool, Hootsuite has recently acquired uberVU, a social analytics solution. uberVU’s goal, as stated on their website is to “give marketers the social tools they need to build deeper customer relationships”. Some of uberVU’s clients consist of L’occitane, IndieGogo, 3M, NBC, Heinz, SC Johnson, and Getty Images.

uberVU’s technology allows brands to:

  • Discover marketing insights: Customers can easily view analytics to understand the most effective ways of engaging with their audiences.
  • Streamline reporting: Customers can quickly detect real-time increases in location, demographics, feeling, and determine top influencer mentions.
  • Drive content marketing: Customers can identify top trending stories and advise applicable content to post directly to social media platforms.
  • Understand the social audience: Customers can develop custom reports using templates that can be easily exported to share with others in the company.

It’s the first acquisition by HootSuite after the $165 million round they raised last year. UberVU, founded in London in 2008 but now HQ’d in Boston, got its first leg up via Seedcamp with $586,000.

This acquisition will certainly give Hootsuite the edge, as well as give customers an expanded product offering. Right now, about 95% of HootSuite’s 8 million users are using the free product. uberVU will help Hootsuite offer more premium, paid service in the long run. While Hootsuite’s current client base is about 75% of fortune 500 companies, uberVU brings a wide array of enterprise customers (see above).

“By joining HootSuite we are realizing our vision to bring analytics to the front and center of the social business,” says Mark Pascarella, CEO of uberVU. “This acquisition is a testament to the strength of our platform, and we are thrilled to be part of HootSuite’s exciting story.”


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