Super Bowl XLVIII Ad Winners

The Super Bowl might be about football, but it’s also about the ads. This year we saw more storytelling, reunions, and awe moments. We have highlighted what we thought were the 2014 Super Bowl ad winners below.  Check it out

Esurance #EsuranceSave30

Esurance bought the first ad after the Super Bowl ended, which gave them the opportunity to save (just a little). The savings would go toward one lucky Twitter user. People who tweeted #esurancesave30 before 1 A.M. PDT Tuesday had a chance to win the money they saved by not running an in-game ad.

It sure was a a very clever way to use the money they had saved by running after the game and as a result, Esurance has been trending all week!



Known for it’s great ads year after year, Budweiser was under pressure to deliver once again. Days before the big event, Budweiser was trending for it’s awww-spectacular “Puppy Love” ad. There is no better word to describe the ad, than “awww” “As of 6 P.M. Sunday night, the commercial had received more than 36.2 million online views since it was released Wednesday,” according to ad tracker, Visible Measures. Well done, Budweiser.


NewCastle Brown Ale

Let’s be real, NewCastle knows how to be funny. This year’s ad from the British beer company features Anna Kendrick. They make fun of the Superbowl antics and even say it won’t air during the Super Bowl. As a result, they can’t use words such as “the big game” or of course, the “Super Bowl”. Kendrick also goes on to highlight the typical ads of the big event, describing them as “a beer commercial, babe, hot, you know? I mean I’m hot, but approachable hot” but goes on to analyze whether she is “beer commercial hot”. Kendrick spends the entire ad mocking the fact that they can’t say “the” word. It’s great. See it here.



Tim Tebow might not have scored big during his time in the NFL, but he was one of the stars during Super Bowl XLVIII. Tebow, a free agent since he left the New York Jets, was snatched up by T Mobile to be their Super Bowl frontman. “Everybody thinks I want a contract,” he says in the ad, before showing all the new hobbies he has racked up since his NFL days, including rescuing puppies.

“It was one of those few spots that had a point, entertained and was self-deprecating. I give him high grades,” said Jon Bond, CEO of marketing company Tomorro cqLLC. “It’s good for his career.”


Dannon Oikos

You may remember seeing Full House star, John Stamos in several commercials for Dannon’s Oikos brand of Greek yogurt. This year they have found a way to include co-stars Bob Saget and Dave Coulier for a Full House reunion. It was somewhat of a “racy” ad, with Stamos enjoying a sentimental moment with, of course, a lady (portraying his character from the show so well), when he spills some on his pants. The woman appears to consider licking it up, when they are interrupted by his fellow cast mates. This came out just around the time of the trio’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last week.

“They played it really well, because you’re thinking, ‘Oh, wow, Dannon is a family brand,’ and then they changed it up really quickly,” said Robert Tuchman, president of sports marketing company Goviva.


RadioShack #InWithTheNew

What a blast from the past! Radio Shack remembers the 80′s and has no problem wishing it was the 80′s again. The electronics store is in touch with the fact that consumers think of the store as out of time and out of touch. In their most recent  ad, two store clerks answer the phone, being told “the 80′s called and they want their stuff back,” followed by a mob, that included Cliff Clavin from “Cheers”, Olympian Mary Lou Retton, Hulk Hogan, and Erik Estrada from “Chips” that storms into one of the chain’s stores and dismantles it. Their goal? To revolutionize the store and brand to come out of the 80′s.

“It’s great to see a brand make fun of itself,” said Dean Crutchfield, a branding expert.



Chrysler crushes it with their latest ad featuring music legend, Bob Dylan that taps into the pride of Detroit and America. Chrysler, along with Coca Cola and Budweiser hit the patriotic notes this year. Dylan walked through the streets of Detroit explaining that the city made cars and that “cars made America.” He goes on to explain ”Let Germany brew your beer, let Switzerland make your watch, let Asia assemble your phone. We will build your car.”


What did you think of the ads this year? Which one was your favorite?


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Vilebrequin Design and Development


Custom Facebook Design and Development Project: Vilebrequin has been a client of ours for over 6 months now and we have worked intimately with this amazing brand on their social/digital strategy development, new ecommerce website launch and their day to day community management.

They have a very passionate and loyal following and they have established themselves  as a global leader in men’s fashion in and around luxury beachwear. They wanted to enhance the user experience on their Facebook page by providing some brand curated content that their fans could engage with. Check out their  Custom Spotify Tab here (their most trafficked tab on FB)

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Dodge’s Clever New Campaign

If you haven’t seen them already, Dodge has filmed about 70 videos to support their Ron Burgundy campaign for the Durango. AND they have added a twist to their campaign. They are doing real-time responses to those commenting on the video Ads. #genius

In one of their videos, Ron Burgandy compares the horse power of the Durango to a horse. In the beginning of October, Breeder’s Cup tweeted “Thinking @Dodge and Ron Burgandy have vastly underestimated the power of one horse!…” In response to that tweet, Dodge came out with a video a few days later of a talking horse who explains the comparison of a horses horse power and the Durango’s horse power. The horse concluded that after you take into account the Durango has a “360 horse power” and a horse has four legs, you carry the one and take the square root of x, and you get Durango.

This campaign is blowing up and is simply hilarious and super clever! How much farther do you think they will take it? I guess we will find out.

Check out the video campaigns here.

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Google + Motorola= Advertising Genius

Moto X Lazy Phone Ad 3

When the Galaxy 4s was introduced to the world most were captivated by the many features it had to offer placing it in direct competition with the iPhone. Well now the new “Moto X” by Motorola is stepping up their game too. Being that Motorola is a Google owned company it makes all the sense in the world that not only the technology the best, but the marketing behind the Ad’s is pure comical genius. They have launched a few commercials portraying our smart phones as an actual “lazy” person making it relatable to consumers. Through this marketing strategy they have been able to play-up the dramatics and emphasize on how annoying our not so smart phones can sometimes be.

After getting to know you a little bit better and learning your voice the “Moto X” can answer all of your questions with three very special words, no not I love you but “OK Google now” followed by a command. Snapping a picture is made easier than ever before, with just two twists of your wrist your camera is ready to go. This phone is all about the details; it has “extras” you can’t live without and the option to design your own phone. Discover more about “Moto X” and judge it for yourself! Just when we thought AT&T was leading the race with their original and comical commercials Motorola one-upped them. The branding behind the phone, and the actual phone itself is nothing short of genius.

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J-E-L-L-O It’s Alive..AGAIN!


Making a comeback isn’t easy, but with the help of Crispin Porter + Bogusky one brand might have just done that. Using a kid with a comb over Kraft Foods has caught our attention once again in a new and innovative way. Taking the attention away from the Jell-O making process and focusing on a family dynamic was a great marketing strategy.

The commercial depicts a father explaining to his son why Jell-o makes all the bad parts of the day worthwhile.  As his father speaks, the son imagines a day in his shoes. Sporting a comb over, commuting in morning traffic, and getting his coloring project he had been working on for a year ripped up by his boss gave him some perspective on what dad’s day is like!

With that he slides his Jell-O over to his father (who is already eating one). Now that he sympathizes with dad he wants to give him a double dose of Jell-O to cure the hectic day. Marketing strategies like this are genius because they hit close to home with a bit of comedy. The awful, average day in a life snapshot is very relate-able. The clever angle makes me want to go and purchase the product. Welcome back J-E-L-L-O! SEE the Advertisement here: 


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The dynamic duo that is Eli and Peyton Manning has taken their touchdown talents from the football field to YouTube. With over 6 million views DirecTV has utilized the popular site as a creative marketing tool for their Sunday Ticket NFL Package. The combination of the Manning brothers, the catchy and comedic rap, and the costumes are the perfect recipe for this original concept to go viral (which it has). Taking a look at this strategy from a marketing standpoint, DirecTV is shining light on the future; giving us a glimpse of what’s to come. Using a social media platform like YouTube to market new and original concepts allows creativity to flow freely, breaking the mold and changing the game.

If you are not one of the 6 million who have seen it already (or if you just want to laugh again) watch it here:  PLAY

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The big winner at last night’s Superbowl was not the Baltimore Ravens, though they really had an amazing win and I am very happy for them.  Oreo, America’s beloved cookie came out in a big way and stole the show in my opinion. They hit things on 3 main fronts:

1) They launched a new Creme Vs. Cookie campaign reminiscent of the “Great Taste…Less Filling” campaigns that Miller Lite ran so brilliantly for years.  It is a no brainer theme with regards to communication and engagement, which is perfectly built for this social media age!

2) Then they were the first commercial to drive traffic to their Instagram Account in lieu of the mainstays Facebook and Twitter which most other commercials signed off with.  Their Instagram account was soft launched prior to the game and teased on other social networks, but the coming out party was this new $4 million commercial during the big game.  The payoff?  35,000 new followers by the end of the game.

They also are taking a different approach to ensure that users remain engaged.  Simply send them a photo that includes the tag #cookiethis and Oreo artists will replicate your image using Oreo cookies and/or creme.  Some great pieces have already been made as you can see here. This is just a genius way to use Instagram to their advantage. They empower the fans to have their voice heard and then immediately serve them up with highly shareable and memorable content to be distributed among their friends and families online. WIN

3) Then the blackout occurred and their team, which was clearly assembled together during the game was poised to make a move on the fly and they launched out a very clever and simple image via Twitter.  The Tweet was retweeted 14000+ times during the game, their best performing tweet to date.  Other brands also pushed out some clever and timely messages (Audi, Tide, Walgreens to name a few) but all eyes were on Oreo last night and their’s really took first prize!

Well played Oreo, well played!

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Luxury Brands Playing The Game

I have been doing a lot of research on brand performance on Social Media Channels in the fashion vertical lately.

This is clearly an industry that benefits greatly from the visual nature of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and brands are really starting to invest more time and dollars into these platforms.

The content put out by fashion brands can really resonate with their target audience, but it is so important in this highly competitive industry to separate your message from the clutter.  One brand who I think is doing it well, through the use of video is Chanel.   Click the image to see for yourself.

Another brand (and a big competitor in the space to Chanel) is Dior and they are also doing a tremendous job.  Here is one video that is so clever, using animation and incorporating popular games from the 80′s.  Love it!

A great tool I have been using to track fashion brand trends (and all verticals for that matter) can be found here:  Enjoy!

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Sircle Media’s Brand Specialist- Fenton Joseph

Fenton Joseph is an interesting character who brings such an amazing perspective to the Sircle Media family.  He has such a great eye for branding and his insight proves incredibly useful for our many clients.  We sat down to get to know him a bit better, and this is what we found out.

What is your name? Fenton Joseph 

What made you get into social media? I got my start in the music industry, using social networks like MySpace to promote the artists I produced. I guess you could say I was an early adopter, mostly due to my age. One by one Myspace, Facebook and Twitter all popped up as I was actively searching for new ways to get music out into the world outside of the conventional record industry outlets. Totally lived the DIY revolution.

Where were you born?  Brooklyn! NY

How old are you?  31

What is your favorite color and why? Silver? Because my car never looks dirty.

Best comedy film of all time? Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

What was the last song you listened to on your IPod? I don’t own an iPod. I have an iPhone for that. That said, I don’t listen to music on my iPhone because the audio quality is really bad. I listen to music at home on my professional monitoring setup. Audio snob much?

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? Maya Angelou. Because I am in a committed relationship and going to lunch with Maya Angelou would in no way constitute a “date”. It would, however, still make for great conversation.

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Beats By Dre: Branding 101

Clients ask me all the time to name some brands who are “doing it right”!  Those who are playing the content game and exploiting social media vehicles to extend the reach and relevancy of their brand.  Now there are many that come to mind, but one that really stands out to me is Beats By Dre!

This is a relatively new brand, launching in a very competitive space. Not to mention that the average price tag is high during a time when the economy is way down. You wouldn’t know it though walking the streets of NYC on any given day. In fact I was on a Subway recently and I counted 17 pairs in just one car!

#Respect the #Marketshare

They are doing a tremendous job with content creation and distribution by using social platforms, especially Instagram! Sure it doesn’t hurt that they are backed by major star power driven by Dr. Dre, but that doesnt guarantee success on its own of course. It is about the execution and commitment to an excellent brand.  Take a look at their website and tool around a bit. I am sure you will be as impressed as I am!




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