Facebook Marketing- Must Not Be Ignored


I meet with clients and prospects on the daily, who tell me that they are not advertising on Facebook, because there is no ROI or EVEN WORSE because they don’t want to have to pay to reach an audience they worked so hard to harvest and develop over the years. It’s as if Zucks is the leader of the evil empire and should be boycotted, because his amazing company wants to charge you to access their insane amount of data.  Damn him for being a capitalist and for creating the best targeting platform for marketers on the planet. While others walk away, I will continue to run towards this amazing advertising and targeting tool.

Below is a screenshot from one of our client’s Facebook Ads accounts, that breaks down just one of their awesome and successful Facebook Ads campaigns from September.  Yeah you read that right, $598 spent and $11,033 earned.  I am no math expert, but that sounds pretty good.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.10.12 AM

The targeting here was to three different sets: 1) Website visitors from the last 30 days, excluding those who actually did purchase and who are not already fans on Facebook. 2) Facebook fans who hadn’t visited the website in the last 30 days. 3) Website visitors from the last 30 days, who are also fans of the page. I bet you didn’t know those were all options, did you?

It is pretty powerful to target in these ways, while they are on Facebook and bring them back to the site for purchase. Sometimes they just need that extra touchpoint and nudge. Why would any marketer not at least explore this type of approach, before just unilaterally dismissing advertising on Facebook.

If you are ignoring Facebook Ads completely you are compromising your ability to win online. I encourage you at least explore the options before passing.  You will be pleasantly surprised by what you can do, and your ROI argument will start to change a bit.  #getinvolved


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Is Your Business Benefiting From Twitter Ads?


Are your Twitter ads letting you down? Perhaps you are not using them to their full potential. A recent article on Social Media Examiner gave an in depth look into 5 unusual ways your company can benefit from Twitter ads.

1. Close Uncompleted Sales 

If you run an e-commerce site you are well aware how frustrating it is to see abandoned shopping carts. With Twitter you can re-market to those buyers with tailored audiences.

Just a little advice, if you do decide to use this tactic, website audiences cannot be populated with past visitors. So, it may take some time for you to gather an audience large enough to run this campaign.

2. Improve Your Newsletter Open Rate 

Newsletters are a great way for companies to communicate with their audience. Many companies will integrate these newsletters within social media. With Twitter tailored audiences you can target subscribers who are not opening your emails, which in turn will hopefully bring your open rates up.

3. Increase Traffic To Your Website 

A great way to get people to click-through to your website is by using Twitter Cards. What is a Twitter Card you ask? They improve your tweets with additional media, content and calls to action.

The Twitter Card uses a thumbnail representing your website and a call-to-action button encouraging readers to click-through.

4. Generate Leads 

The traditional lead generation process involves a lot of back and forth that usually amounts to users dropping off. Since it is not generating any leads, it is not doing you any good.

Now with Twitter you can use their Twitter Lead Generation Card. It works because it cuts the usual lead generation process from five steps to two! It is very simple, you present the information to your leads and then if they are interested they click-through.  Say good-bye to confirmation emails and forms.

5. Engage With TV Viewers In Real Time 

Everyone is guilty of being constantly on their smartphones. Even when we are watching television we still are checking in on Twitter, texting friends, and distracting ourselves during commercials. With Twitter’s Conversion Targeting you can engage with TV show conversations on Twitter before, during and after a show.

These are just a few examples of how you can use Twitter Ads. It may take some time, even some A/B testing to figure out what works best for you and your audience.

To learn more about the Twitter Ads ads we discussed, click .

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Reach The Right People On Facebook!


Facebook recently released a new grip of core targeting options that allow advertisers to further refine their audiences in paid social campaigns and gain better insights into performance. Following the update, advertisers can expect upgraded controls over location, demographic, interest, and behavior.

The social network has been rolling out the new features over the past month through the platform’s API. Many preferred marketing developers (PMDs-like Sircle Media) have confirmed that they will reach full integration with the new features by April.

Updated targeting profile: Location

What has changed: Facebook will now offer “flexible” location targeting, allowing marketers to build campaigns for any combination of geographies, country, and city, country and state, state and city, and state and zip code.

In addition, it will also now be easier to exclude locations right down to the zip code level.

Updated targeting profile: Demographic

What has changed: This new type of targeting will have added selection values for relationships including civil unions and domestic partnerships, as well as greater flexibility around targeting events such as marriage. For example, a retailer might want to share wedding registry promotions with someone who has been engaged within the past three months. This would enable that option. Additional targeting options now include information such as job title and workplace, and offer more information around education. These changes allow advertisers to better align messaging and promotions around key life events or affiliations.

Updated targeting profile: Behavior

What has changed: Behaviors are a new addition to the targeting options. Behavior targeting allows marketers to target campaigns based on engagement behavior and the types of devices people use when engaging. Marketers can choose combinations of behaviors and then narrow down for their target audience. For example, you can reach people who listen to music while on their iPhone and are more likely to make purchases online. This part of the Core Audience targeting options will also display third-party partner categories. The behaviors will be guided by proprietary Facebook data.

Updated targeting profile: Interests

What has changed: Hashtags came to Facebook with a lot of fanfare, but have become less and less relevant over time. Instead of incorporating hashtags to try and locate users by interest, the platform is focusing on the overall interest expressed by the network. “We developed a new methodology that increases the precision of interest-based targeting by allowing advertisers to simply choose one segment,” Facebook explains. “If you want to reach baseball fans, just choose ‘baseball’ as your targeting segment and Facebook will pull in all the people that have liked or expressed interest in baseball-related topics.” Hashtags will be grandfathered into these new targeting options if a brand’s current campaign contains very specific interest keywords.

With all these targeting updates, finding the right audience for a brand just became a lot easier and less costly.

For more information on the new Core Audience targeting options, read here.

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Custom Facebook Welcome Tabs

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 8.19.44 AM

At Sircle Media we have been creating custom welcome tabs for clients for over three years now.  Facebook tabs are created using iframes which means you can basically perform all of the same functions available on any external website, within the framework of Facebook.  This affords brands an incredible opportunity to engage with people on The Social Network.

Building a community is the number one objective on Facebook and one way to accomplish this is to create an environment, rich in content that users feel compelled to come back to.  By offering content and context about your brand you are able to “story tell” more and convert brand loyalists.

We often direct all new traffic through the welcome tab so that we can establish a more substantial first conversation with them. Otherwise they jump directly to your timeline and into a conversation that is already going on. We also use Welcome Tabs in many of our Facebook ad campaigns as they have proven very useful in converting likes.

These tabs are an important piece of our marketing puzzle as they accomplish a few mission critical things for our customers.

  1. They offer up additional content to prospects and customers
  2. They help showcase products available for purchase on our client’s website
  3. They capture email addresses for future email marketing
  4. They offer share buttons to help make the content on these tabs more viral

Here is a little video breakdown of how we approach making these tabs. Enjoy!  CLICK HERE


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Let SEO Guide Your Future


Effective SEO is more than just content and linking. Now, more than ever before, social media is a rising and critical part of any comprehensive plan. An important component of your SEO strategy is scaling social media. The more active you are on social platforms, the larger social foot print you will have on your SEO efforts.

It is very important to realize that social media is not all about promoting and advertising products. It’s about building relationships and listening to your audience. Although indirect, the overall performance of search marketing efforts when social data is used to inform content marketing strategies is larger. Your audience can lead the way when it comes to trying to figure out what fits them best. You can see what websites they are on and what they are most interested in. By using that information, you are able to provide the best content for your customers.

Strategy is key when trying to improve your SEO and social media efforts. You should know your alignment opportunities, tactical next steps, and strategies for each quarter. Use the tools in front of you to improve SEO!

You want to get into a cycle by having social conversations to get keyword strategy, and then search keywords that can inform social content strategy. This cycle is needed because it will boost your social engagement, which in the end, increases social conversations and social signals. Let SEO guide your future by aligning search and social. To here more about this, check this out.

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Pinterest Contest Rule Changes!


Pinterest is a very popular and effective social platform for businesses who want to create brand awareness and drive traffic back to their website. Perhaps the most effective tool on Pinterest has been the ability to use simple contests to drive behavior.  Unlike Facebook which has been much more restrictive with it’s rules, Pinterest has been very hands off with their approach to contest restrictions.  Until recently it has been very easy to put together a contest and get it off the ground, but that is all about to change with the regarding contests on this social network.

For a brand to be successful on Pinterest, they must be able to inspire and encourage users to explore and share what interests them the most! It’s important that you, the business, make it easy for people to pin from your website, as well as re-pin interesting content you share on the platform. You want to lead them to your Pinterest profile and then hopefully get them back to your actual website for a deeper conversation.

With Pinterest changing their contest guidelines, it’s important that you don’t make it seem like Pinterest is sponsoring the contest in any way. You also need to think about the overall user experience whenever you create a contest or promotion.  To learn about the specific rule changes, !


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Sircle Media Featured on Social Media Today…Again!

SMT_300x300We were published in Social Media Today again this morning and this time we were talking about the new updates to Facebook retargeting and custom audiences.  This is a hot topic in Facebook (and web) marketing these days and it was nice to see us picked up again as an influencer in the space!

Facebook is working hard to balance driving revenue and increasing value to advertisers while maintaing a good user experience for its members.  Not an easy task, but nonetheless a priority.

To read the piece, CLICK HERE!

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Facebook Custom Audiences


Facebook has just launched a new retargeting tool called “website and mobile app custom audiences.” It allows a business to show Ads to people who have either visited their website or their mobile apps. All businesses have to do is affix a tracking system to their website and apps. and they are ready to roll. The great thing about this new update is it gives the business access to their mobile inventory rather than only having Ads run on the right side of the audiences desktop news feed.

On top of that, it now allows a business to specifically target people based on their gender, geography, age, and marital status. This wasn’t possible for Facebook Exchange, or FBX. The new custom audiences will also be able to remind users that they considered buying a certain item and then link them back to the site where they can shop some more and complete a purchase.

Although this new custom audience tool is great, it’s important for a business to not get rid of FBX just yet. FBX is still the only tool that has “predictive buying,” which means that if a customer was looking at pink dresses, then they might be shown an ad for red shoes. To get the full benefit of targeting an audience, it would be wise to use both the custom audiences and the FBX together. An example of how they could be used together is: “A travel client will use FBX to retarget people who’ve gone searching for hotels and then show them that exact hotel [they saw]. They’ll use custom audiences to reach people who are searching for hotels, but have not downloaded their mobile app on iOS 7 on iPad.”

There also will be an option for users to opt-out from targeting based on its own tracking of website and apps visits. To find out more about Facebook’s new retargeting tool here.

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Facebook ROI?


Using Facebook has become so important these days for any kind of business.  Whether it is a huge international company like Red Bull or a smaller startup like HARD Beverages, Facebook ROI, (return on investment) can be so useful for any brand.

There are 5 types of Facebook ROI for businesses. You have fans sharing with friends, referral traffic to your website, sales leads, understanding your customers, and sales. In order to achieve Facebook ROI for your business, you should follow these 5 types of Facebook ROI’s very closely.

1. When fans share what they have seen with other friends, it means that they liked, commented, or shared one of your Facebook posts. Those kind of interactions are great for your company because it will show up on that user’s Facebook friend’s newsfeeds. People are more likely to interact with it because one of their friends liked it and it isn’t just a random Ad that has shown up on the side of their screen.  You can often encourage interactions by asking for the (don’t be too pushy!) For example: LIKE if you prefer “abc”, SHARE if you prefer “xyz.” You can than track the amount of LIKE’s or shares you received from a specific post through Facebook’s new page Insights.

2. It’s important that Facebook is leading your fans to your website so they can turn into consumers for your company.  If you drive back to the website, you can show them product or educate them on services once there. You should tease it; show and talk a little about what you are offering and then tell the fans they will have to click the link to find out more. It tugs on a person’s curiosity making them want to know more.

3. Before you get any sales, you need to have sales leads. Facebook contests are easy to implement and will bring in a lot of people who are interested. A smart incentive to provide is a gift card because it makes people look into your product(s) and a real reason to give it a try.  When you make a contest, ask for emails and you can gain a direct way to contact them afterwards. You can send them a follow-up email after they sign up for the contest and offer them discounts right away that will make them want to visit your website ASAP.

4. Knowing who you are selling to is one of the most important tools for a brand.  You can use the Facebook Page Insights to see who your posts are reaching, and dig into audience data such as age, gender and location. You can also use Facebook insights to see how and when they engage with your posts and at what time of day you are most likely to reach your fan base.

5. Facebook Ads can drive sales more effectively if you add an incentive right off the bat. You can offer a coupon or a limited-time promotion which are proven to increase clicks and interactions considerably. You then have to make sure you have a good landing page for when they click thru so you increase your chance for conversions.

All in, if use Facebook the right way, you will see results. It takes time and focus, but it is certainly worth the effort. To see more about Facebook ROI for Businesses, click HERE.


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What can Your Business Do in Just 140 Characters

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.30.31 AM

Twitter announced yesterday that it is relaunching Twitter for Business with new and improved offerings for users on their platform. This is seemingly good news for businesses and brands who have been trying to figure out how to effectively leverage the mico-blogging platform. While Twitter is clearly a monster communications tool, businesses have definitely struggled with how to make sense out of it all.

They provide a video here in this piece on Mashable that explains some of the features.  As an avid Twitter user I have seen firsthand some very meaningful engagements for myself and my clients and I am excited to see how brands continue to evolve through 140 characters.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

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