Cost Effective Ways to Grow your Facebook Page


Facebook is an essential tool these days in marketing, but paying for ads can get pretty costly. Social Media Examiner wrote up an article with some ways to grow your Facebook page without breaking the bank, and we’ve summed it up for you here.

1)   Be a guest curator on pages that complement your own. Choose 5-10 pages of companies that offer services complementary to yours (not competitive pages) and offer to produce content for them once a week in return for credit on their page. This will help get your work and page out there and grow your audience.
2)   Give promotional swaps a try. Reach out to 30-40 pages that are, again, complementary to yours, and who share your target demographic and offer them a deal. You’ll mention their page on yours, and they’ll mention you on theirs. This will help you both to gain fans in your target demographic.
3)   Conduct Q&A’s on your page. Now that you can directly reply to specific comments, have experts on different topics come in and answer questions in real time on your page. With the direct reply option, the Q&A will be easy to follow and educational for fans. Make sure to reach out to experts well ahead of time, and then start promoting the Q&A chat in advance to build excitement.

These are three cost effective ways to get more people viewing and subsequently “liking” your page. Be patient and try more than one tactic to improve your page, and you are sure to see your numbers grow.

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