Facebook Lead Ads


For any business looking to generate leads, you should be investing in Facebook’s Lead Ads.  The social network has simplified the process allowing users to subscribe to your email list with just two simple clicks (SUBSCRIBE/SUBMIT).  The information is pulled right from their profile and every user has an active email associated with their account, so you know the inputs are legit.

You can also require additional fields such as phone numbers, and though more inputs can lead to attrition, we are finding that the performance is excellent.  When you employ Facebook’s powerful targeting along with great creative you can generate tremendous results. Perhaps you want to target fans of your biggest competitor who live in the Los Angeles Area? Create an Ad that speaks to a pain point that you know they are experiencing (high cost, bad taste etc.) and then tell them to provide their email to learn more about how to fix it.

Also if you are doing digital the right way, you already have a re-targeting pixel on your webpage. You track every user who visits the site and clicks on a certain item and then leaves without a purchase. Now you can catch the user on Facebook, showing them the photo of the same product and rather than just sending them back to the site again you can offer them the ability to subscribe to your email list to get notified about future discounts on products just like the one they viewed. Just another smart way to bring prospects further down the sales funnel.

For those who think social doesn’t generate business, Lead Ads provide more evidence that you are wrong.

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