Facebook To Overtake YouTube

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There seems to be an infinite social media platforms to choose from. But, it is still important to maintain a strong Facebook presence. Social Media Examiner  recently shared  five research findings about Facebook and its impact online marketing:

According to 2014 website analytics, Facebook has four times more traffic than Pinterest, it’s nearest competitor. In just over a year, Facebook’s share of sending traffic to websites increased by 115%. This means that people are more likely to be redirected to other sites while scrolling through Facebook, as opposed to other social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, or Google+.

Video Uploads
Between January and June 2014, content creators uploaded 50% of videos directly to Facebook, instead of using a third party platform such as YouTube. In fact, researchers predict that direct Facebook video uploads will surpass those uploaded to YouTube by the end of the year. This may seem surprising since YouTube is a website created for the sole purpose of video uploading, but Facebook has consistently outperformed YouTube in views and engagement.

Mobile Usage
Nowadays, consumers access their social media accounts through their smartphones 71% of the time, and 24% of total social networking engagement happens on Facebook. Facebook is using these statistics to their advantage by constantly improving and expanding their mobile platform. In October of this year, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the number one mobile messaging service.

Social Logins
In 2014, Facebook authenticated about 50% of all social logins. The other half of logins came from five separate social networks, making Facebook by far the biggest leader in social logins. Social logins are convenient for consumers, making them far less likely to abandon the registration process.

Email Offers
In a study examining the effectiveness of email outreach combined with Facebook advertisement, it was found that subscribers who opened their emails and were exposed to ads were 22% more likely to make a purchase.

Facebook has still proven to be extremely effective in increasing brand awareness, visibility, engagement, and email marketing. We don’t see Facebook going anywhere for a long time.

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