Hump Day Hype: Music playlists for deep focus work…


When you need to go into deep work mode and you are finding it difficult to get started, to stay focused once started or to just really go all in, you need to take steps beforehand to increase your chances of succeeding.  An old coach used to bark at my team – “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and I really find that to be so true in life.  Deal yourself in with a winning hand and set yourself up to win.

One move that I have found to be really helpful with this, is having music playlists that are meant for deep work. I highly recommend having a “beast mode” playlist teed up and ready for you to throw on whenever it is game time. 

With streaming music so readily available at your fingertips these days, you can easily grab any kind of music you want at any time.  I suggest songs with no or very little lyrics that have consistent beats (i.e. EDM, Classical, Meditation) so you don’t get distracted and stay completely focused. 

First, start by making the list or just search for public playlists using the term FLOW, DEEP FOCUS or even STUDY and borrow one.  Then play it the next time you have a big project to plow thru. Do it over and over until you create a habit and that way when your brain hears that music, it is conditioned to know what’s up. 

It takes a while for your brain to associate the music with the hard work you’re getting ready to do, but it’s a habit that’s definitely worth forming. This type of conditioning or programming is proven to work, and it is a smart investment to make in and for yourself. Here is one I like and have found really works for me and I would love to hear ones that any of you have created. 

Happy jamming!

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