Improve Your SEO With Pinterest!


By now we all know what a hashtag is, the # symbol followed by keywords. You have most likely used it on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and even recently on Facebook. However, many of us have not realized the value that hashtagging on Pinterest creates, especially in terms of SEO. Hashtagging on Pinterest should not be overlooked or forgotten, as it is the secret weapon for increasing your brand’s SEO! By tweaking your Pinterest Profile and pins you can instantly boost your brand’s domain rank in search.


There are two golden rules for this secret weapon to be successfully utilized:

1. The keyword or phrase must be in the pin board’s name AND description

2. The keyword or phrase must be in that pin board as a hashtag

Apply these two rules to your everyday routine, and watch your SEO escalate! SEO rankings are correlated with the success and awareness of your brand because it improves your visibility in search engines. Increasing your brand’s Pinterest page in a search is ideal because it gives your followers visuals. Followers can click through your boards and gather a better understanding of what your brand is about.

Carrie Morgan watched her generic search of “az seo” climb from the unknown to the #3 spot on Google. She did this by hashtagging appropriate keywords to her Pinterest pin boards and description. It is a no brainer for brands to start utilizing this simple SEO booster!

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