Meerkating: The New Marketing?


The Meerkat App has been creating a lot of buzz lately and is poised to be a potential game changer in the social media content space.  Yes you have definitely heard that line before, but this time it might be true.

It is a very simple concept: live streaming video content that is linked to Twitter, but the meaning and impact of it are much more profound.  Now anyone with a phone and the app can share their experiences, live with all corners of the world.  There is sure to be some very dull content making its way around, but imagine the impact it can have on news as it unfolds.  Especially with the ability for tweeting back to the streamer (publisher) of the video in real time and engaging in conversation on the content.

Brands will find creative ways to get involved and control the conversation from their point of view and consumers will get unique access that they haven’t had before.  This article on highlights some of the concerns regarding how you can limit the streaming of content that is restricted and that is certain to become a very hot topic on the coming months.

For now, we suggest you download the app and take it for a spin.  Unleash your inner Meerkat.

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