Reach The Right People On Facebook!


Facebook recently released a new grip of core targeting options that allow advertisers to further refine their audiences in paid social campaigns and gain better insights into performance. Following the update, advertisers can expect upgraded controls over location, demographic, interest, and behavior.

The social network has been rolling out the new features over the past month through the platform’s API. Many preferred marketing developers (PMDs-like Sircle Media) have confirmed that they will reach full integration with the new features by April.

Updated targeting profile: Location

What has changed: Facebook will now offer “flexible” location targeting, allowing marketers to build campaigns for any combination of geographies, country, and city, country and state, state and city, and state and zip code.

In addition, it will also now be easier to exclude locations right down to the zip code level.

Updated targeting profile: Demographic

What has changed: This new type of targeting will have added selection values for relationships including civil unions and domestic partnerships, as well as greater flexibility around targeting events such as marriage. For example, a retailer might want to share wedding registry promotions with someone who has been engaged within the past three months. This would enable that option. Additional targeting options now include information such as job title and workplace, and offer more information around education. These changes allow advertisers to better align messaging and promotions around key life events or affiliations.

Updated targeting profile: Behavior

What has changed: Behaviors are a new addition to the targeting options. Behavior targeting allows marketers to target campaigns based on engagement behavior and the types of devices people use when engaging. Marketers can choose combinations of behaviors and then narrow down for their target audience. For example, you can reach people who listen to music while on their iPhone and are more likely to make purchases online. This part of the Core Audience targeting options will also display third-party partner categories. The behaviors will be guided by proprietary Facebook data.

Updated targeting profile: Interests

What has changed: Hashtags came to Facebook with a lot of fanfare, but have become less and less relevant over time. Instead of incorporating hashtags to try and locate users by interest, the platform is focusing on the overall interest expressed by the network. “We developed a new methodology that increases the precision of interest-based targeting by allowing advertisers to simply choose one segment,” Facebook explains. “If you want to reach baseball fans, just choose ‘baseball’ as your targeting segment and Facebook will pull in all the people that have liked or expressed interest in baseball-related topics.” Hashtags will be grandfathered into these new targeting options if a brand’s current campaign contains very specific interest keywords.

With all these targeting updates, finding the right audience for a brand just became a lot easier and less costly.

For more information on the new Core Audience targeting options, read here.