Say Good-Bye to EdgeRank


Facebook is moving away from the use of EdgeRank to determine fan page relevancy on it’s platform.  They have replaced EdgeRank with a new, updated ranking algorithm, which now focuses even more closely on relevancy, content, quality, and variety. The importance of working to “game” the algorithm remains, but it is now a formula with many more data points to consider.

The first thing Facebook aims for is to have timely and relevant content on a user’s news feed. If the content isn’t interesting to the user, they either won’t engage with it or it might not even show up on their news feed. It is also very important that the content being shown is not in any way begging or pandering. It should be interesting and engaging, rather than just asking someone to “like” the post. An interesting and compelling post will get much more engagement.

A business also must ask themselves whether their posts are interesting enough that the user’s friends will share it with their friends. A Facebook post guiding something to click a link should be more than simply a post with a link in it. It should be engaging and informational and ideally leave people wanting more.  That should lead to a click on that served up link to see what it’s all about. Your content AND the way you introduce that content should be great. One last important fact about how to optimize against the new ranking algorithm, is to have variety in your posts. Some posts should have links (especially because of the new link update), some should have images, and some should simply be text updates. The more variety you have on your page, the more people will be interested.

Facebook is working hard to improve the user experience on the platform. This new and more in depth relevancy formula is a big step in that direction.  The faster a brand can learn how to work within it, the better off it will be! To find out more about how Facebook is updating their new ranking algorithm, click here.