Social Media Manager = Full Time Role(s)

Sircle-SMMI think brands vastly underestimate how much work goes into social media management. I would argue it is not just a full time role, it requires multiple skill sets and is very hard to do through one individual. An effective Social Media Manager needs to know how to create assets via photoshop and/or a camera, how to write well, both in short and long form, how to implement digital strategy AND have the business acumen to understand how to bring this all together for the brand. Very few people possess all of these skill sets.

We created Sircle Media, primarily to solve this pain point.  When we started in 2012, this was a major problem for most brands and I would argue it has become even more so as time has gone on.  As the landscape changes at a torrid pace, the requirements only increase and the argument for the agency model becomes stronger and stronger.  We realize most brands feel that someone internally and “on staff” needs to handle social media for their company. We work hard to toe the line and provide agency prowess and support with an internal employee mindset.  This is the formula that wins.

We put together this video to help explain it a bit further. Check it out!