Grow Your Facebook Audience

Courtesy of: Fort Hays State University

Courtesy of: Fort Hays State University

In the days of social media, having a large online presence is essential. But sometimes, even if you’re posting good content, you don’t have a large audience to see it. Social Media Examiner has tips for growing your Facebook audience to best help your brand.

1)   Make sure you have a Facebook “Like” button on your website. That way if people go to your site and like what they see, they can choose to follow you on Facebook to see more from you.
2)   Link to your company’s Facebook page when you contribute content to sites. For example, if you write content for someone else’s website, make sure to include the Facebook page in your bio.
3)   Use your personal Facebook page to link to your company’s page. Under your work section, add your company as your workplace so that it links to your company’s page.
4)   Add your Facebook page to the bottom of your email signature.
5)   Use Facebook Ads Manager to make an ad for your page. This will allow you to choose which audience you want to target.
6)   Use your company’s page as your main Facebook page. Comment, like, and share content on that page to bring attention to it, instead of your own personal page.
7)   Share your Facebook page on other social media sites. Promote your page on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to get more attention.
8)   Try creating a group on Facebook. That way people in the group will automatically get notifications about new posts.

Try some of these ideas to grow your Facebook page. A larger audience will help bring attention to your company and benefit your brand.

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