Sircle Media on Salesforce Marketing Cloud

I was so honored to be featured on on the topic of using Social Media Marketing to drive conversions.  Each brand/business has specific goals and social media networks and the sharing of content on them is a must have component for success. Each business is slightly different and therefore their implementation of tools will be slightly different. That being said some basic principles apply.

I firmly believe that social is a horizontal layer that touches every department of a business or brand.  It shouldn’t be treated as it’s own vertical like PR or direct response and in fact it has a major impact on the success of both of those.  It is typically remanded to the marketing team, but it goes much deeper than that.

If a business knows what it is looking to accomplish then social media tools and strategies need to be integrated at every turn and wrapped  around all other initiatives to drive behavior and to convert opportunities.  Choosing your course in social should not be an either or decision.  Social exists in and around your brand whether you like it or not and once you embrace that you are on the path to success.

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