Sircle Sessions Series: Facebook Algorithm Update

In this edition of our Sircle Sessions Series, Adam Brown and Chris Heller dive into the new Facebook Algorithm update. They discuss how it impacts users and more importantly how it will impact brands looking to communicate with potential customers on the social network.


Users should get a better user experience, which should help keep them on the platform.

Don’t sweat organic metrics like reach and engagement.

Focus on paid social. Learn it, live it, love it!






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Facebook: Pay to Play?


If you are a Facebook Fan Page Admin you may have noticed a considerable decline in the the organic reach of unpaid Facebook business posts lately.  The Social Network is constantly trying to work their algorithm to show the most relevant information to it’s users and it seems that now more than ever before those who have paid are going to the front of the line.

With increased clutter in the newsfeed from more and more brands joining the conversation each day it has become increasingly difficult to rise above the noise.  It appears that Sponsored Posts might be the way to get there and it is something that you really need to be looking into more.

In this release on Ad Age Facebook has noted that organic distribution will be a tougher road to conquer and that brands will need to “open their wallets” if they want to improve their share of voice. We think Facebook has been giving it all away for free, which has made us all a bit spoiled in the past. Putting some funds towards your messaging is a wise move and still costs a fraction of what it would cost to market elsewhere. Keep that in mind as you roll into the new year.

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