All Marketing Efforts Will Be Ineffective Without Optimization


You should be learning, adjusting, and optimizing when executing any type of campaign whether it is a social messaging strategy or a banner ad campaign.  If you don’t, it will lead to poor results. Content is distributed in a variety of different ways such as search, e-mail, banners, social posts, mobile, tablets, or even gaming. It is imperative that cross – channel optimization is a key and central part to any strategy that is planned and executed.

Here at Sircle Media, we would like to give you a few tips on how to enhance your campaign(s) and strategy to receive the best possible ROI.

What are consumers telling you? Social trends, social behavior, and search queries represent some of the best data for determining what content is most relevant. Using outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google are crucial because this is where prospects/users are already being vocal. Just listen for a few moments and develop and optimize content for your messaging strategy.

Is the content user friendly to the experience and readable? Get a basic understanding of the consumer’s needs in a specific environment i.e. mobile screen or desktop to ensure your content and can be displayed clearly.  Nowadays, with smartphones, tablets and so many different browsers there are many formats that graphic designers and programmers have to check. It is imperative to make sure you test them all out so that no potential customer is left dissatisfied.

How to use what consumers are already giving you? Consumers are creating their own content daily. For most brands there will be instances where a consumer is doing positive work for you known as user-generated content. You will want to highlight this content in other marketing materials and even interact with the person and thank them for their support at a low-cost. Brand ambassadors like these become your biggest allies.

Good practice is to take all of these things into account and then go and market to the right audiences. In running a true “marketing” campaign where you will want to measure KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) you must think the entire plan through. Often a well throughout out marketing plan can be compromised because the flow for ultimately capturing the acquisition is flawed.  As an analogy, if you are measuring your marketing partner’s success by how many patrons they bring into your night club and they bring people only to find the font door locked, who is to blame?



Here is a visual of how Sircle Media optimizes campaigns for our clients. Remember: target based on strategy, optimize based on performance and then be sure to have your conversion plan well thought out and presented to your new customers!

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