Sircle Sessions: Can you land PR/media opportunities through social media?

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Brands are constantly trying to find value in social media (many doubt there really is any) and are often looking at the wrong data points. It cannot be measured solely with a simple ROI calculation and/or traditional KPIs. Your efforts need to be looked at from a different POV and it is imperative to keep in mind that each individual effort is not necessarily intended to have a very specific result. It is more of a long game that needs to be played consistently and needs to pivot as the brand, industry or even social landscape does.

At Sircle we believe that social is not a marketing vertical and is more of a horizontal layer that touches all aspects of your business. By remaining committed to story telling and content marketing (which you should be if you own or manage a brand and want to win in mid-2016) and leveraging social networks, their audiences and amazing targeting and tools, you can do powerful things.

One such “thing” that brands are all thirsting for, is finding writers, bloggers, publications and/or media outlets to help them tell their story. They will shell out PR retainers to get these, and more often than not, they feel very frustrated or short changed by those engagements. It seems like PR has become a necessary evil and some brands see it as a set expense, or a cost of doing business if you will. It is amazing to me that brands will pay for this, which is so micro focused, in lieu of paying a social media retainer and/or an internal salary for social media management.  I would argue the latter brings much better value.

If you want to get coverage or gain influence, you need to roll up your sleeves, get to work and contribute content to the web. Posts, tweets, blogs, statuses, pins etc.. all create potential one-to-one exposure for your brand, which in turn can lead to bigger exposure if and when you come across the right set of eyes.

I was asked if I have seen opportunities surface through social media management and I shared my experience here. You can also click the image above to consume.  Enjoy!


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How much do “your” brands actually care about you?

The intense winds and rain have stopped in the New York metro area, but the devastation in neighborhoods still lingers for many.  Some of my friends only lost power for a few days and had to drive miles just to see electricity and be able to shower. Others had it much worse and lost their houses, cars and even boats during the surges.  This is a time where everyone has to not be selfish, and lend a hand to a friend, neighbor or even a random person in need.

Some major brands are taking on the initiative to back up their valued customers, and it is not going without notice.  One major brand that sticks out to me is AT&T because they have proactively setup pods outside of the NYC food and water distribution locations so that users could come and recharge and reconnect with the world. The storm knocked out some of the towers for local wireless carriers, making something as simple as phone calls in NYC nearly impossible for many.  I cant speak to the other cell phone service providers as I didnt see what they did, but AT&T to be was very visible during the aftermath!


Other notable efforts made by companies and organizations:  JetBlue is matching customer donations up to the first $50,000 donated to the American Red Cross, and also offering 6 points per dollar to their TrueBlue members.  The NFL Players Association donated $1 million to the Sandy Relief Effort.  The media giant News Corp., which owns Fox News and Fox Business Network, donated $1 million to charity, half of it to help NYC, and half for New Jersey.   eBay and iTunes are allowing users to donate money to the American Red Cross right through their interface making donations as easy as a click of the mouse.   Even Time Warner in NYC (not always loved for their customer service and support) is donating $1 million to the relief effort as well.

These brands know that they have to be there for their loyal customers and I think their efforts will be remembered by a lot of people in this area. They have won big from a Public Relations standpoint, regardless of their underlying motives. If you are a brand or major company you should donate some money or set up a strategy to help out the people in need, and it will go much further towards positive brand perception and overall value than any advertisement could!

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Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Christina Mount

Sircle Media intern Christina Mount is a very talented young woman. Christina is about to enter her Senior year in College, studying PR at the University of Plattsburgh. She came to us with incredible drive and motivation, looking to better the Sircle community in any way possible.

We sat down with Christina to learn a little more about her, and here is what we found out:

What is your name? Christina Mount 

What made you get into social media? I went through a few different majors and getting a degree in Public Relations seemed to be the only fit. What really intrigued me about PR was the social media aspect of it. Social media has interested me from the start and I’m excited to get to learn more about it.

Where were you born?  Stony Brook, NY

How old are you?  21

What is your favorite color and why? Violet because it is a calming color and I just love the way it looks with everything.

Best comedy film of all time? The best comedy film of all time is definitely Step Brothers. It’s the only movie that I think I was actually laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

What was the last song you listened to on your IPod? I’m not too sure, but if I had to guess it would probably be my favorite song at the moment, Crystal Castles-Not in love.

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? I would take Ryan Gosling on a date because he is my celebrity crush. I’m hoping one day we bump into each other, fall in love and get married!

Yeah, that might happen Christina, but until then keep an open mind to others! LOL

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