Remarketing and Retargeting- A Must Do!


If you are marketing online and have an e-commerce component to your business, then you MUST BE retargeting. There is so much data out there on user behavior and you can/should be marketing to people based on their website visits, email signups, social actions and even search, if you want to get really nasty.

This piece by Kissmetrics is a really solid primer on some of the tools out there to help you with your efforts in this arena. Here is an excerpt from the piece that really dumbs down the premise:

“A customer steps into your shop, inquires about a particular product, and then leaves without buying. You know there’s a potential sale, and there’s every chance that person will be buying a similar product sooner rather than later.

How would you like to send some of your sales people to follow that visitor, reminding them of your business wherever they go? In fact, reminding them to the extent that your business/brand is the first and only name that comes to mind when they are about to make a purchase?

Sounds like an insane idea in the real world. Even if your sales staff doesn’t get beaten up for stalking, the cost alone would make it impossible to pull off.

But that’s exactly what remarketing (a/k/a retargeting) services enable you to do in the online world.”

Retargeting helps assuage some of the biggest ‘areas of concern’ when it comes to social media marketing. Such as:

  • Reduced cost per impression
  • Better conversion rates
  • Improved ROI
  • Precise targeting
  • Cost effective branding

Read up, arm your brain and then get going.


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How To Create Instagram Ads


Instagram Ads are a hot topic lately and advertisers are intrigued.  We have been seeing the ‘sponsored posts’ more and more in our feeds and with the amount of users and attention being paid to the platform it is a very sexy place to be for a marketer.  At first it was only available to the big brands, but with a rollout to the masses now here it is time to start brushing up on your skills.

This piece by Social Media Examiner was just published today and it shows you how you go about setting yourself up to create Instagram Ads.  It breaks down the how and the what behind the platform and really makes it very easy to follow and understand.  Give it a read and get ready to start marketing on “The Gram”.

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Instagram Ads: What you need to know?


Instagram Ads seem to be all people can talk about lately in the social media space.  Larger brands have been experimenting with it for some time now and we are sure you have seen an increase in Ads targeted at you in your feed lately.  The network is about to fully roll out their platform to companies of all sizes by October 2015 and brands have been anxiously awaiting its arrival.

As Gary Varynerchuk always says,”marketers ruin everything” and the hope is that this will not be the case on ‘The Insta” too.  MANY eyeballs are on the platform and Ad dollars will always go where the people are – this is nothing new.  This platform has been able to remain pure for a long time and thus has been a safe haven for people from all walks of life, to engage without brands and businesses bugging them.  Now we are embarking on a new chapter and it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

From a marketer’s POV (since that is what we do) we are (at least for the now) buyers.  We love the idea of advertising here, since you have access to attention from a lot of people.  We also love that Facebook (Instagram’s Owner) will be driving the functionality and targeting foundation making it a smart and intuitive interface.  We plan to experiment with reach and pricing and then report back after we have some experience under our belt. Stay tuned…

The piece on AdEspresso serves up a nice, simple breakdown of what you need to know for now.  Give it a read.

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Instagram Explore- Now More Relevant


The Instagram Explore tab has just gotten cooler. The explore tab is no longer a sampling of photos from highly influential, random people. Now, based on your social representation, it is a relevant collection of photos that you will most likely love and engage with. We, here at Sircle Media have tested it out and done some research on how it can be utilized to increase the reach of your grams. Some quick notes:

  • The photos in your “explore” were posted in the last 0-5 days so everything is very recent
  • Each photo has been engaged with by one of the last 21 people you engaged with
  • You will find 21 photos in the Explore tab

Instagram confirmed the change saying “We’re always looking to update the types of posts you see in Explore to better tailor it to you. We’ll show you a variety of photos and videos that people you follow have liked, as well as content that is trending in the Instagram community.” This revamp will change the dynamic of growing an audience on Instagram.

A notification will appear in your own News Tab if your post appears on Explore because it’s trending in the Instagram community.

To find out more about the new Explore tab, click here.

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Facebook Terms for Contests and Promotions Get a Facelift


Facebook recently announced guideline changes to their policies regarding running contests on The Social Network. Businesses can now run their promotions directly on their actual business page and no longer have to find a 3rd party to run their contests for them, like Wildfire, Woobox or Zeus. This new feature allows data to be collected by having users post content, comment, directly message and/or even “like” content on the business page and these actions can now be considered as entries into a contest.

With this new update, businesses can now quickly put together legitimate and approved (by Facebook rules) contests on their timeline. All you have to do is make a quick post to launch the contest and ask the users to submit through comments, and let them vote through likes. It’s as simple as that. Using a contest within a post will get a lot of engagement, especially if it is eye catching and offers compelling incentives!  This is very helpful if you are looking to boost the EdgeRank of your fan page.

One additional benefit is that now your contest is mobile friendly, and we all know that many people are coming to you via their phones these days. Remember, Facebook apps are not visible from your phones making that a big negative when running a promotion on an app.

There are some drawbacks to running contests on your timeline and Community Managers will need to be on their game. By using this method of promoting, businesses are not able to collect vital marketing information like emails. It also may be quite time consuming for the administrators if the post ends up getting a lot of engagement. The Page Admins will need to manually moderate entries and choose winners. This update may end up getting you’re business in some trouble if you don’t abide by the laws. You must know your local, state, and regional quidelines when it comes to running contests and follow them closely.

In the end, all businesses want to boost their engagement and their fan base on Facebook. This new feature offers a step in that direction. Learn more about this update here!

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Improve Your SEO With Pinterest!


By now we all know what a hashtag is, the # symbol followed by keywords. You have most likely used it on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, and even recently on Facebook. However, many of us have not realized the value that hashtagging on Pinterest creates, especially in terms of SEO. Hashtagging on Pinterest should not be overlooked or forgotten, as it is the secret weapon for increasing your brand’s SEO! By tweaking your Pinterest Profile and pins you can instantly boost your brand’s domain rank in search.


There are two golden rules for this secret weapon to be successfully utilized:

1. The keyword or phrase must be in the pin board’s name AND description

2. The keyword or phrase must be in that pin board as a hashtag

Apply these two rules to your everyday routine, and watch your SEO escalate! SEO rankings are correlated with the success and awareness of your brand because it improves your visibility in search engines. Increasing your brand’s Pinterest page in a search is ideal because it gives your followers visuals. Followers can click through your boards and gather a better understanding of what your brand is about.

Carrie Morgan watched her generic search of “az seo” climb from the unknown to the #3 spot on Google. She did this by hashtagging appropriate keywords to her Pinterest pin boards and description. It is a no brainer for brands to start utilizing this simple SEO booster!

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QR Codes Explained

It is amazing how many businesses I meet with ask about QR (Quick Response) Codes.  They don’t usually ask what they are, but they must know how they can start using them right away for their business.  Not a real strategy, just an “I gotta have it right now” mentality.

QR Codes are very effective for various functions and more than anything they help bridge the offline with the online world. This can/should be used in strategic ways to help share content and information, educate prospects and to gather user information in a new format.

I have always found Commoncraft videos to be so incredibly simple and very effective at teaching people about subjects. They do cover a ride range of topics, but I mainly pay attention to those that talk about social media and tools for sharing. Here is a simple explanation of QR Codes.

At Sircle Media we are big believers in QR Codes if and only if they are used pursuant to a strategy. We have access to various types of QR Code functionalities, and we can create really useful implementation plans for any type of business.

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