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We recently came across The Kitchn, a daily web magazine devoted to home cooking and kitchen design. The site publishes twenty short articles a day that inform and motivate every aspect of home cooking, “from recipes to cooking lessons to product reviews to kitchen design and renovation advice”. While this site is geared towards foodies and homeowners, they have gone outside the box and played up social content with their own original content, which we, here at Sircle Media LOVE and recommend to our clients.


They released ’20 Songs for Dancing in the Kitchen’ using Spotify. Great idea, right? This is a great way to integrate something creative that is not directly related to their original content. By creating this they get readers more involved, and hopefully find new readers based on the playlist. They involve their audience when they ask them to share their favorite song to dance along to in the kitchen, which sparked engagement. Then they posted this playlist across their social media platforms, which made it easy to find and to get the readers back to their site.

It is very important for brands to step out of their typical content comfort zone and provide fans and consumers with articles, playlists, news, and quotes that are not directly tied to their brand, but relatable. Consumers want to feel as though they can connect with you and that can be done with these types of social content plays. We always advise that our clients think about what other content would be relevant and resonate with their consumers, outside of their product(s) that they are trying to sell. We love what they have done here not only because music is so universal, but they also leveraged Spotify, a social network in its own right.

Big Thumbs Up from us!  Don’t forget to check out The KItchn!

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