Facebook Search? Looks Like It!

Facebook announced yesterday that it will be unveiling a Facebook based search function called “Graph Search” to allow users to curate content and information based on Facebook profiles and user behavior on the platform.  This is an exciting new feature that would allow users to find all types of information on a wide array of topics and interests from people they “know” or are at least connected to in some way via Facebook.

“In short, Facebook’s search will attempt to replicate the experience of being able to ask a question of all of your friends at once, as if they were all gathered in one room.

And it actually goes beyond that, because it includes information from people you’ve never met, provided they’ve made it public (or available to friends of friends, or people who live in your city, etc.). And, of course, Facebook can recall and organize the information automatically and instantaneously in ways that your friends couldn’t.”

Mark Zuckerberg called it the “third pillar” of the Facebook user experience to go along with the newsfeed and timeline. This is potentially a game changer if pulled off right, and a major blow to Google the world’s leading search engine. I am very excited to see how it all turns out. For the video directly from Facebook that really explains it in a very powerful way, CLICK HERE!


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Inner Sircle Volume 2

Timeline is here: Use it wisely! There is a drastic difference in look and feel however, and businesses will need to quickly change their layout and approach.  We are ready to help our clients navigate this transition smoothly. Embrace it, and learn more here!

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Timeline Is Here Whether You Like It Or Not!

Facebook suddenly and with no formal announcement rolled out their Timeline format for Facebook pages on February 29th. Rumors were swirling around for months that it might be coming, but nobody knew when. Seems only fitting that they chose Leap Year to make this big leap forward with their business. Brands and businesses have until March 30th to strategize and adopt the new look and feel, and before they jump in we thought we would share some quick tips.

Cover Photos (starting at the top this is the most blatant change)
You will now have one large horizontal image that will be the “Cover” to the book which is your brand/business.  Some things you cannot do:

  • Don’t put purchase information in the image;
  • Don’t include contact information in the image;
  • Don’t put a huge like arrow in the image;
  • Don’t ask for likes, shares, comments nor make any other calls to action in the image;
  • This last one should be obvious, but do not make promises that can’t be kept. Facebook outlined this as a specific rule for cover photos.

Embrace Your Past (one nice element is you can now tell the story of your brand through key milestones)
Definitely take advantage of the back-dating capabilities of timeline. The more content and context you can provide the more you can “advertise” the story of your business. Include company milestones such as the day you opened, strategic alliances, product or service introductions, expansions (domestic and international), key new hires etc. Let users see what has happened in your company’s history!

News Feed is More Important (target with interesting posts)
With a high percentage of user interaction occurring in the news feed, sharing fresh content and giving Facebook users reasons to engage with that content is vital. Share internal news and use links to images and if you can provide video, DO IT! Also, users will now see in a more featured format the actions of their friends on Facebook, making any interaction with your page that much more valuable. Create engagement at all costs!

Build Relationships Before Selling
Salesy promotional posts will have even less weight and value now.  Carefully craft messages so you can capture attention while also promoting your objectives. It is a fact that users don’t come back every day to be sold products and services. They come back because they love networking with family, friends, and, yes, even with brands. They like brands who offer them up things of value that they perhaps cannot find elsewhere. Original and engaging content and/or repurposed yet community specific articles will go a long way. Thing before you type!

Manage Private Conversations
Users can now private message a brand just like they do currently to other users. This opens the doors for powerful one to one engagement. Use this forum wisely though and be sure to always reply to messages!

Like most Facebook changes it will take some getting used to, but will probably help the ones who are thinking smarter achieve better results.

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