Personal Website: A Must Have!


Most people who are searching for a new job don’t realize that a personal website can be a real game changer. According to Workfolio, “56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool—however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website.”

Having this tool to highlight your accomplishments can offer the employer some more information than what can be found on your resume. A web page can allow you to show more than a piece of paper can convey, and it probably doesnt hurt (regardless of your industry) to show you have some digital chops and awareness.

More and more employers are starting to Google search their candidates for the positions they are offering and it would be a great boost if they stumbled upon your website. It shows that you are professional and serious about your job search. Just make sure your website is complete, up to date, and has no errors.

When making your personal website it is important to focus on: a professional headline, a brief bio, your resume, a professional summary/objective, samples of your work, results, links, a blog, videos and other relevant multimedia and testimonials.  It is equally important to ensure that it is well-designed and put together professionally. It can show your creative side and show off your personality.  If it looks poor though it can definitely have an adverse impact.  Make sure it “looks the part!”

A great way to highlight that you have a personal website is to put the link in your email signature, on your resume and cover letter, and on your social networking profiles.  This is true whether you are on the job hunt or not.  A professionally, branded website can make a big difference in succeeding at your current job as well.

Set yourself apart from others and start creating your personal website right away.  Control what others are finding when they search your name, because believe me they are. Sircle Media is here to help and can build a responsive personal brand website for individuals in any industry.  Here is a recent website we built for our client, Gregory Frank 

To see more about why job seekers should have a personal website and what they should have on it, CLICK HERE.


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Your Website Is A Powerful Sales Tool; If You Let It Be!

I believe that most prospects I speak with vastly underestimate the importance of a good website. I also am quite certain that very few have a solid understanding of what “good” really means. I see some sites that have no graphic or layout strategy to them and then others that use flash and have tons of random and inconsistent bells and whistles.

Whether you have a long or short sales process, just providing information doesn’t guarantee the sale. Your customer may have a strict purchase intent on their mind before coming to your website ( ie; I’m looking for the lowest price, I’m looking for the highest quality, etc.), but by making your website content as targeted to your ideal customer while providing information in a variety of formats, means you’ll be all the more likely to close the sale.


Below are 4 steps to make your website effective in your niche. The goal is to provide sufficient information to help prospects feel comfortable in selecting your product or services over someone else’s. Do it and you will close more business, don’t do it and you will lose out to your competitors on a consistent basis.

1.) Blog – It’s a great way to continuously add information to your website on a regular basis, while slowly building more and more opportunities for your blog content to show up in the search results. You can keep your blog posts strictly informational, or use it to produce creative spins on what some people might consider boring products or services.

Google recently incorporated a freshness update to their ranking algorithm, which looks for the most recent and relevant content to show to the searcher, making a blog a great way to make your content available to searchers.

2.) Case Studies – Case studies are a great addition to a website where a person is looking for more information on how a product can work for them. Adding case studies also helps provide some validity to your business’ capabilities. I recommend working on creating some case studies to provide to your website visitor and adding them anywhere on your site where applicable. If you have the opportunity to create multiple case studies, create a page dedicated to case studies and have them easily available via PDF, or some other easily downloadable format.

3.) Videos – Videos are a great alternative way to consume information than traditional website content, which can be daunting to some website visitors. Video is also becoming more and more pertinent for companies to attract website visitors from a search engine optimization standpoint. If you have enough videos to describe your products, I would recommend creating a video page, as well as adding the video on the product pages where applicable.

4.) FAQ Section – An FAQ section is another way for your company to provide answers to common questions your target customer may have as they are conducting their research on how your product or service can suit their needs. Take the opportunity to list some common questions or concerns your target customer may have in a basic Q&A format, or perhaps even create an open chat forum on this page.

I highly recommend adding all, or at least some of the above items to your website content if you haven’t already. The more information you can provide to your website visitor, the more likely they will stay on,  or return to your website when they are making their purchase decisions.

Hope this was helpful!


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