Twitter Cards: Expand Your Tweets, Expand Your Business


Twitter Cards are a great new way for businesses to feature their content. The Twitter card expands a tweet beyond the basic text and creates a media rich experience that includes anything from images to videos to product information.  Whatever you may be promoting, from a product to a website, Twitter has created 8 different cards to help you do it.

1. Summary Card: This card summarizes any type of informational page, such as a blog, and provides access to further information

2. Photo Card: Great for any business featuring art or photography, this card allows you to highlight one photo within a tweet

3. Gallery Card: Just like the photo card, but allow up to four images in a tweet!

4. App Card: This card detects a user viewing a tweet on their iPhone and directs them to the App store to download the business’s app!

5. Player Card: Puts live video or audio within a tweet, allowing businesses to tweet each piece of media they create

6. Product Card: The product card should be seriously considered for any business selling a product – The card allows a business to feature a product with title, description, thumbnail image, and Twitter handle attribution, along with details such as price, location, and availability to make purchasing easy!

7. Lead Generation: Great way for users to get leads for businesses – the user clicks just one button to share their Twitter associated email and subscribe to their page

8. Website Card: Features a businesses website to drive traffic directly to their homepage!

For more information about Twitter Cards and how to install them, check out this article.