Yahoo Takes Tumblr

tumblrSo the rumors starting swirling around last Friday that Marissa Mayer and Team Yahoo had their sights set on acquiring Tumblr. The move reportedly valued at $1.1 Billion is definitely a mega deal, and it is a tactic for Yahoo to go very strong at the Social Media space. This (or something like it) is a move they desperately need to make, to really get on track to being more relevant.

The problem is that Yahoo has developed a terrible reputation for making things “uncool” and that makes any moves very difficult, especially in a highly skeptical internet community.  The Tweets are already swirling!  Perhaps the saving grace to this deal is just how “cool” Tumblr really is or at least is perceived to be.  David Karp has done a great job developing the blogging platform that is for the cool kids and has never really “sold out”. Perhaps until now???

It will be interesting to see if the deal definitely gets done (Sure looks like it will) and then more importantly if Yahoo and Tumblr can combine to make a baby that will be well received and universally used. You wouldn’t think that the active and proud Tumblr users would just jump ship, but you never know.  Typically things are cool until the masses learn about it and start using it and that is exactly when the cool kids leave and go looking for the next big thing!
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