Jack Dorsey #RESPECT


Twitter co-founder and chairman Jack Dorsey is a busy guy, as he runs both Twitter and mobile payments company Square. This guy manages to oversee both innovative powerhouses by just flat outworking everyone else. He puts in an 80-hour work week, with each day of the week given its own theme, and zero other priorities.

Every weekday, Dorsey puts in eight hours at Twitter, then strolls two blocks down the street to the Square offices, where he works another full day. It is all about structured work flow, and Dorsey assigns each day of the week its own focus.

Monday: Management meetings and “running the company” work

Tuesday: Product development

Wednesday: Marketing, communications and growth

Thursday: Developers and partnerships

Friday: The company and its culture

There’s no way to be completely rigid about this kind of schedule of course. “There’s interruptions all the time, but I can quickly deal with an interruption and know ‘it’s Tuesday, I have product meetings, I have to focus on product stuff,’” Dorsey explained. “It sets a good cadence for the company.”

You have got to admire his hustle and of course his contribution to the world of communication and commerce. He is a year younger than me and has already done so much. #Respect, where respect is due!


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Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Kyle Susmin

The Sircle continues-to grow! We recently hired a fine young gentleman (we think…) named Kyle Susmin to join the Sircle to help us on our quest to make our clients more social. Kyle is our newest Social Media Manager and he will be tasked with manning our client’s accounts to help them communicate with their customers. His heart is in film and video and he is a big believer in that form of content to carry meaningful messages.

Kyle had done some internship work with us in the past and when the opportunity arose, we both jumped to make the relationship a permanent one. He is a great addition to the squad and will be a tremendous help to our many clients. Keep an eye out for this guy, he is sure to have a big impact on everything we do.


We sat down with him to ask a few questions and get to know him better:

Where were you born?  Connecticut 

How old are you? 24 and loving it!

What is your favorite color and why? Blue. Always has been

Best comedy film of all time?  Way too many to choose just one: The Girl Next Door, Liar Liar, Shallow Hal, the list goes on and on

What was the last song you listened to on your IPod? 1901 – Phoenix

One celebrity you would take on a date? Natalie Portman hands down.  She has a wholesome cuteness and seems like she has a great sense of humor.



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Where Do Americans Spend Their Money?

This is a great breakdown on how the average American household spends their money. As you can see they spend most of what they make, which of course was probably not a real shocker to anyone.  Our hard earned dollars evaporate faster than we know and it is good for any marketer to know what type of marketshare they are targeting on a house to house basis.

These types of infographics are compelling because they layout facts in a format that is very easy to consume and share. It helps make any type of content relatable and viral. Social Media is meant to help businesses and people connect in a new and more meaningful way and when you can engage on facts, trends and data in a way that people can understand it makes for a conversation with more impact.

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New Member of The Sircle

Sircle Media is growing and the newest member of our team is Ryan Marshall. He is a Social Strategist and focuses on New Business Development. At Sircle we define sales as “helping people make decisions that are good for them” so he will be selling each and every day.

We sat down with him to ask a few questions and get to know him better:
Where were you born?  Huntington, New York
How old are you?  23 Years Young
What is your favorite color and why?   Blue: It reminds me of beautiful skies on beach days
Best comedy film of all time?  Happy Gilmore
What was the last song you listened to on your iPod? Winning it All: The Outfield (On That Gym Flow, you know?)
What one celebrity would you like to take on a date? Eva Longoria to a court side basketball game. Perhaps even The Knicks beating up on The Spurs, cause why not?

We love Ryan’s spirit and we know you will too. He is always reachable at ryanm@sircle.me if you want to connect.

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Thank You Mom

I was just passed this video by a friend in the advertising world and as I watched it I literally got the chills. I am no Olympic Athlete, but I found myself wanting to pick up the phone to call my mom to thank her for travelling to all of the soccer and lacrosse games (sometimes in the miserable weather) with me when I was a kid.

In this video, the content, the music and the editing all conjures up real emotions in the viewer. That is truly powerful stuff. I love the way the subtly drop in the back story of the cooking and cleaning and behind the scenes stuff mom is doing on top of the dedication along side their child of getting up early and traveling each morning.

Click the image to watch the video, and you will see what I mean!

Great job Proctor and Gamble. This is great social content, that showcases your products as a supporting cast to the real story. Well done!



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Outrageous Ad For Bowlmor Lanes

I recently saw this outrageous advertisement for Bowlmor Lanes, and I couldn’t help but comment. I am all for being different and out of the box, but this is just so crazy. The image and the content are nutty, and this is a bowling alley in NYC that I have been to with my kids. It is pretty crazy that they can put an ad like this out there in the public.

I mean really? This is kind of crazy, no?

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“TEXT To LIKE” a Facebook page

It is very easy to become a fan of a Facebook page with a mobile phone. Businesses can tie in offline engagements with the online world by simply requesting that prospects and clients text in to Like their page. This is great for venues such as bars and restaurants who constantly engage with consumers in an intimate format.  When engaging a live audience, you could simply tell everyone to pull out their phone and send the text!

All a person has to do is text the word “fan” or “like” along with the page’s username to 32665 (FBOOK).  For our Facebook page, you would text “fan SircleMedia”, without the quotes and they are IN! Do it now and test it out (worth asking, right? LOL) Of course the cell phone must be already verified by facebook and associated with your personal facebook account.

This is such a simple way to get fans and I always say if you don’t ask then the answer will always be NO. Printed signs like the one seen in this post are highly recommended and I think it is wise to put them in as many places as you can. Of course you don’t want to take away from the user experience of your business or products, but if/when you can it is a surefire way to gain LIKE’s.

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If you know me then you know I am a big fan of all things Nike. This video was recently produced by Casey Neistat a film producer in NYC and he really made something truly powerful. Nike paid him to make a video and instead he travelled the world in 10 days on Nike’s dime.

The result?  He ends up making an amazing ad for the Nike Fuelband and is well over 1 million views in just 48 hours. Regardless of how he spent it, this was viral GOLD for Nike. I love it and I am sure you will too…Enjoy!



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QR Codes Explained

It is amazing how many businesses I meet with ask about QR (Quick Response) Codes.  They don’t usually ask what they are, but they must know how they can start using them right away for their business.  Not a real strategy, just an “I gotta have it right now” mentality.

QR Codes are very effective for various functions and more than anything they help bridge the offline with the online world. This can/should be used in strategic ways to help share content and information, educate prospects and to gather user information in a new format.

I have always found Commoncraft videos to be so incredibly simple and very effective at teaching people about subjects. They do cover a ride range of topics, but I mainly pay attention to those that talk about social media and tools for sharing. Here is a simple explanation of QR Codes.

At Sircle Media we are big believers in QR Codes if and only if they are used pursuant to a strategy. We have access to various types of QR Code functionalities, and we can create really useful implementation plans for any type of business.

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New Era in Baseball!

New Era came out swinging with this new commercial to kickoff the 2012 Baseball Season. I love the simplicity, the delivery and the hats are front and center the whole time. I think they always have great advertising and branding and I am a huge fan.

If I still wore hats like I used to, I believe I would ask for the brand by name!  That is powerful marketing! Since I am a Mets Fan, this is probably the only time I am excited about baseball all year. So I loved this. Enjoy!

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