My First Two Weeks at Sircle Media

As you all know I’m the newest edition to the Sircle Media team. Today marks the official end to my first two weeks here! I thought it would be special for me to share my experiences with you.

Right out of college and jet lagged from my trip I walked through Sircle Media’s doors two Mondays ago. I sat in Adams office completely overwhelmed and confused, like any new person would be. He threw abbreviations at me left and right while I thought to myself, “what does all of this mean?” To be completely honest- I think he makes things up, it’s like his own language or something. As the week went on I was warmly welcomed into the Sircle Media family, was introduced to all of the company accounts and people I will be working with. When I got to my cube, I immediately decorated like any girl would. The Sircle Team was extremely amused by my choice of decor. A ziplock bag hanging with a note in it “Please do not eat my snacks, thanks! -Brittany.” It’s not that weird, is it? As the days went, I realized something. I know that this company will grow to be one of the most successful out there. Why? Because Adam has created such a positive work environment for his employees. Everyone here is extremely driven, motivated, and works well as a team. As my teachers in school have taught me, dynamics in the office are extremely important. If you can’t work well with your co-eds how do you expect to move forward? I can eagerly say that I am so excited for what is to come, to be by this company’s side, and watch it grow. I will keep you updated!

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How To: Be Pinworthy on Pinterest

Pinterest is an image-based social media network that combines the power of visual and social media. This website created a search friendly engine for every business, providing incredible free marketing. What makes one of your photos “pinworthy” on Pinterest? Learn here!

Create great images: Valuable content is key. The P in Pinterest does not stand for promote. Transform your business’ information into visual presentations, this will build engagement.

Integrate your brand into your images: Make sure to use your company’s colors, and visual style. You want your business to come across as extremely professional. This means that you need to pick appropriate photographs to display on your Pinterest page. If you are uploading an image, be sure to incorporate the company URL or watermark.

Check your rights to use the image: Make sure that you are legally allowed to use a photo before uploading. Your company may not have legal rights to use older content.

Optimize your image to achieve goals: Include great content with each photograph. You want your re-pinner to read information about your company when they enlarge one of your images.

Make your content easy to pin: Make sure to include a “pin it” button! This will remind your audience that it is simple and worth a click of their mouse.

Content is such an important component to an online strategy and Pinterest is such a powerful vehicle. Learn it, use it and reap the rewards!

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Foursquare Gets a Makeover


After three years of service, Foursquare decided to surprise their 20 million strong community with a completely re-designed app. For those of you who use Foursquare, you may be thinking…”It was pretty sufficient to start, how can it possibly be better?” I have the answer. Not only are you able to share and save your experiences, you can discover what’s nearby, find what you are craving, check in faster than ever, and to top it all off; Foursquare reports that there are even more new features to come.

Share and Save: There’s a great new friends tab. This keeps track of photos, lists and places your friends have saved. If one of your friend’s postings are of interest to you- there is now a “like” and section to comment!


Discover what’s nearby: As soon as you open Explore, Foursquare begins working for you. Immediately it will give you suggestions of places to go and what’s nearby. The new “friends nearby” box will tell you where your friends are, and where they have checked in. What I really like about this Foursquare makeover is that the software is smart. It knows when you are not in your usual location, and adjusts recommendations regardless of where you may be.

Find what you’re craving: Explore gives you the opportunity to search through popular categories, or even find something specific. Say you are in the mood for an ice cold smoothie. Foursquare changes it’s angle and caters to your location, showing all of the smoothie places in the area. It also shows you where your friends who searched for smoothies stopped (and checked in).

Check in faster than ever: The check in button is now located at the top for convenience. So much easier!

Foursquare has stepped up their game in an attempt to keep up with The Jones’ in the social platform space. Do you use Foursquare?  Any thoughts on the new look?

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Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Brittany Sutton

We recently added an amazing young woman named Brittany to our team. Fresh out of Syracuse, she comes to us with an amazing drive and incredible organization skills (so we hear). She will add a female’s perspective to our mix and will be overseeing relationships between Sircle Media and our many retainer clients. In addition she will be an active contributor to Sircle content, including this blog. We sat down to get to know Brittany a little better, and this is what we found out:

What is your name? Brittany Sutton

What made you get into social media? I’m an extremely imaginative person. I wanted to do something that would allow me to use my creativity and knowledge in marketing together. Social Media seemed to be a perfect fit for me, something I am used to doing on a day-to-day basis.

Where were you born? North Shore Hospital, in Manhasset, NY

How old are you? 21 turning 22 in July (I love and welcome presents)


What is your favorite color and why? Orange. It’s so bright and suiting for my personality (and I went to Syracuse.. go orange).

Best comedy film of all time? Grandma’s Boy. I still laugh and I’ve seen it a million and one times.

What was the last song you listened to on your iPod? Calling lose my mind remix by Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? Um….Ryan Reynolds because he’s a babe.

Stay tuned for greatness from Brittany Sutton!




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Facebook Changes Are Useful for Small Business Owners


Facebook Targets Small Business Owners

Facebook has rolled out two new functionalities this week aimed at helping the small business owner better manager there Facebook fan pages. Doing so is often a constant struggle for SMB’s and these simple changes will prove very useful.

Facebook Administrator Roles

1. Manager. The manager has full control of the page from creating posts & ads, editing the page & apps, commenting, deleting comments, sending messages and viewing Facebook insights.

2. Content Creator. The content creator is one step away from the manager and has a lot of authority however, it cannot manage the admin roles.

3. Moderator. The moderator can send messages, respond to messages and delete comments. They are unable to create new posts.

4. Advertiser. The advertiser can create ads and view insights.

5. Insights Analyst. The insights analyst can review and analyze the data only. This is the lowest of authority but it is probably one of the most important. You can create content and ads all day but if no one is delving in to the data, a lot is being lost.  Are you posting and reaching your target market or just random people who liked your video?

These administrator roles are important when we think  about moving forward with how companies utilize Facebook for their marketing efforts. There is a lot of data that that small business owners can capture and act upon to better serve their target market. Allowing for them to set a specific role within Facebook is a step in the right direction.

NOTE: Any new administrators added, by default, are managers. You must go and manually change their role.

Post Scheduling Functionality

Scheduling posts is managing the time.  It helps many of the small business owners as they can sit late at night and schedule a posting for when their target market is most active and accepting of their posting. Without scheduling, the post probably would not be seen otherwise.

How do I Schedule a Facebook Post

1. Status: In your status area, select if you want to post text, a photo/video Event/Milestone. Upload.

facebook page status update

2. Year: Click on the clock symbol at the bottom far left.  “+ Add year” appears. Add the year from the drop down. There is a scroll down as you can back date content.

facebook add year

3. Month: Click on the clock symbol again and ”+ Add month”  appears. Click that and the month drop down appears. Choose the month from the scroll down.

Facebook month

4. Day: Click the clock symbol again and “+ Add day” appears.  Click that and the date drop down appears. It appears as numeric days in the calendar and not days of the week. Once you add the date, the Post in the far right goes from Post to Schedule.

facebook day

5. Hour: Click on the clock symbol again and “+ Add hour” appears. Click on this and the hour drop down appears. Add the hour you wish to have the post scheduled for.

Facebook Hour

6. Minute: Click again on the clock symbol and “+ Add minute” appears. Click on this and the drop down appears in 10 minute increments. There is discrepancy here as Facebook says that they are in 15 minute intervals. There is not the functionaliy to override and manually put in a minute.

7. Review you posting for accuracy and click on Schedule.

You can month and year stamp your posts without scheduling as the scheduling does not appear until you add the date field. This is useful for those who are managing their timeline and wish to month and year stamp previous postings. If you wish to date the posting, you can as well, and, if it is in the past, it will appear immediately.

How to Unschedule a Scheduled Facebook Post

Changed your mind? It is easy to unschedule.

1. If you have not hit schedule and received the “Your Post Has Been Scheduled Confirmation” you can simply click on each drop down field and scroll up to the top and select the –. This will delete the field.

2. If you have scheduled and received confirmation, all is not over. You can cancel in the activity log via the admin panel by selecting Manage (as seen here in the confirmation).

facebook schedule confirmation

As you can see, these changes are not going to have  much affect on the companies that have already been using a third party to manage their pages. This is really targeting the small business owners to try and balance out the playing field here a bit and promote more user interaction.

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Inner Sircle Volume 3

SXSW Interactive is focused on emerging technology, a focus which has earned the festival a reputation as a breeding ground for new ideas and creative technologies.. According to a festival organizer Louis Black, SXSW Interactive “has probably been the biggest of its kind in the world” since 2007!

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