Facebook Introduces Sponsored Results


Facebook has officially launched their own version of sponsored results.  While promoting the service to potential advertisers, Facebook said, “Every day many people on Facebook use our search to find people, places and things… Sponsored Results gives brands the ability to buy ads in search results, bringing more awareness and traffic to your App, Page or Place.”

This is a very interesting development on Facebook and should have a very big impact. When businesses go public it changes their fabric and they must report to many more bosses about how they will generate revenue. Sponsored results should damage user experience while driving income to Facebook.

As a marketer I am intrigued by the potential, but as a user I am concerned about how it will translate. We shall see!  Full the full article click here!

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Drive Your Small Business to Succeed With a LinkedIn Business Profile

While the social network LinkedIn has earned a reputation as one of the best ways to find new job openings, it is even more powerful when used to create new business opportunities. By starting a LinkedIn business profile, you are creating a chance to engage with audiences inside and outside of your industry.  You will effectively be able to put a “face” behind your business. It is important to remember however, that LinkedIn is not the same as your Facebook or Twitter account, so be sure to keep your profile professional and relevant to your business.

By creating a LinkedIn profile, you will be able to gain access to other profiles much like yours and find groups that are specific to your industry. This makes it easier to network with other businesses that will benefit you and yours.

LinkedIn will not only help you meet industry insiders, but it will also open opportunities to create business-to-business transactions. Many consumers find it helpful to search through LinkedIn for businesses that are reliable and suit their needs. They will often post specific questions, so be sure to remain active and engage with your consumers by answering their questions.  By doing this you will be able to show your expertise in your field and that you are confident and capable. This will highlight your knowledge and is a sure fire way to gain credibility.

Remember, that LinkedIn is an incredible medium for showing off your business and the key selling points that differentiate you. Think carefully about what you put out there because it will definitely have an impact on the overall impression people will have. Be professional, respectable and active on your LiknedIn page and you will become a respected source in your industry!

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Facebook Ad’s With Improved Targeting

Facebook keeps trying to one up itself to increase advertising revenue for its investors. Public market pressure is causing headaches back in Menlo Park, CA but Facebook staff is working hard to improve its offerings to advertisers.

Now you can target your Facebook Ads to your current fans, who in theory are truly fans of the services and/or products you offer.  You can also target the friends of your fans, who theoretically are other “like minded” people. Targeting based on interests is what Facebook marketing is supposed to be about and to that end, this move might be one of the best yet.

The more targeted the ads the better the ROI, which will in turn lead to more marketers using this service. This drives up revenue and the stock price soars (at least that is the theory). For now our clients will be testing these features out and we will keep you updated on performance!


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