Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Ethan Weitz

So we have followed the advice of the great American Author Horace Greeley to “Go West Young Man” and hired our first Left Coaster, Ethan Weitz.  We have had a lot of interest from some Los Angeles clients of late and we thought it would make a lot of sense to have a man on the front lines out there to represent us well.

Ethan is a Social Media Research Analyst for us and he focuses on researching new products and initiatives to help in our client’s social media efforts. He is a talented young man with a very bright future and we are lucky to have him on our squad.

What is your name? Ethan Weitz

What made you get into social media? I grew up during the dawn of social media and it helps me keep up with the latest news and trends. Because it’s a part of my everyday life already I figured helping other people with it would be the next best step for me.

Where were you born? Reseda, CA

How old are you? 23

What is your favorite color and why? Probably Blue because it’s been one of my school colors my entire life.

Best comedy film of all time? Tropic Thunder!

What was the last song you listened to on your iPod? Howlin’ For You by The Black Keys

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? Anna Kendrick because she’s been in a ton of stuff and still flies under the radar, so I assume she’s got to be pretty well grounded.  And also because look at her. (Good Point!)


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50% of Consumers Value a Brand’s Facebook Page More Than Its Website

I was reading Mashable this AM and came across a powerful and compelling Infographic that really nails the argument for having a Facebook fan page.  It shows that 50% of consumers think a Facebook page is more useful that a brand’s own website.  According to a market study conducted by Lab42 82% of respondents felt that Facebook pages were a great place to interact with brands.  This is a very powerful statistic that should make marketers take notice.

Of course it isn’t enough to just have a page, you have to have a real strategy behind your page to make it effective. These types of studies should solidify the point that if done correctly, it is in fact a worthy endeavor.  Facebook represents such a tremendous “uncontrolled” and “real” marketing conversation vehicle for brands and consumers to engage. Brands must take it seriously!

Look through the Infographic for some compelling stats.  The complete Mashable Article is here too. Enjoy!


















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Facebook Milestones: A Useful Sales Tool!

Since the dawn of the industrial era, businesses have tried to do whatever they can to stand out from the pack. It is so important to have a real USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and to make consumers feel comfortable in choosing you over the other guy. Milestones on Facebook provide a chance to highlight a brand or business’ heritage, which conjures up an emotion of trust in consumers.

Think about it, when you choose someone to handle something important for you, you want to know a little about their history. When I selected a Doctor I wanted to see where he went to college and medical school. I also wanted to see any awards he may have won, because that would mean he must be pretty good when compared to his peers. These things are important!

Using Milestones on Facebook’s Timeline can really help brands who have a strong history in this regard. It is their chance to say “look at how long we have been around, how we have grown, some of our conquests” etc…It is the same reason why a business will proudly display that they have been in business since:  EST. (XXXX Year), The longer the better right?

Some tips:

  1. Strong visuals are highly recommended if and when possible. If you don’t have any, you might want to consider an image that is indicative of that period of time.
  2. The milestone heading should be well thought out and it must grab a reader’s attention.
  3. The description should have relevant keywords to your business which will improve overall search visibility.
  4. Milestones can be serious dates in your past, but they can also be fun. Fun milestones can offer some great “behind the brand” content that can really help convert more prospects into buyers.

i.e. A serious milestone could be the date you were founded, whereas a fun one could be the “100th Ice Cream Cake Birthday Party” at your company!

Hope this helps!



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10 Social Media “Risks” That Most Companies Wont Take!

I just read this very basic and straightforward list on Hubspot of “risks” that most companies will not take on social media and it really resonated with me.  I sit in countless meetings and on so many long phone calls where marketing teams tell me why they will never do so many of the things on this list. They have hired (or are considering hiring) me to govern their social media and to produce results, yet they are very focused on keeping the training wheels on my efforts.  It just makes no sense!

I believe it stems from people having a deeply rooted opinion that marketing messages are all about the business and not the consumer.  You see, traditional marketing is centered around controlled messaging and verticals such as PR, Branding, and even Direct Response are all about creating a clear and concise message and then delivering it in a very direct fashion. Social Media is an entirely different animal in that it is actually uncontrolled messaging. It is about opening up a dialogue with people and letting them offer their opinions into the equation.  Most brands are just not really ready for that.

The ones who have embraced this are reaping the rewards, while others are trying to very carefully craft their success in an overly calculated way. We recommend opening yourself up to new ideas and new ways of trying to drive users back to your store to buy or learn from you. You have a great product to sell them, but you need the forum to do so. Sometimes it is not all about blurting out your marketing pitch on the first handshake. It is more about finding ways to let them inside and to let them see behind the curtain, before you ask them for their “credit card”.

Here is the full list of restrictions that brands often put on their social efforts. Let us know if you are guilty of any of these.

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Playing the Relevant Content Game!

Every single day there are people searching on the internet for the product or services you sell.  The problem is and always has been finding out where these people are and then having a way to really show them why they should choose you over your competition.  Online search engines have changed the game and made things much easier for businesses, yet many still are not in the game.

Companies dabble in SEO and paid search marketing for a month maybe two and if they don’t see immediate results they drop out and either don’t market at all or they divert their spends to other non-trackable resources such as print. (not sure which is worse) Proper website infrastructure (with tagging and back end descriptions) is a start and the creation of content is a must!  If you have a website and you offer services it is a MUST HAVE not a NICE TO HAVE that you tell that story through content. Video, Blogs, Images, success stories etc.

This article in Social Media Today offers some simple and great ideas on how to listen to the audience and then respond to their needs. If you owned a brick and mortar store that sold school supplies you would get in high gear at back to school time.  You would offer deals, change around your merchandizing and probably put ads up in your window pushing BACK TO SCHOOL! It seems like every year I see stores pushing this earlier and earlier to try to get ahead and gain a competitive advantage. The same should be true online. You need to “re-merchandize” and push out the content to be inline with the needs of those who would buy from you.

You opened a business because you felt there was a need and that in some way you could satisfy that need for consumers. If you aren’t letting people know your store exists through search and social marketing then nobody will be able to see how great your business truly is. In the world of digital marketing there is no moral victory in being a hidden secret. You want to be found, so get to work to make sure that happens!

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