Sircle Media’s Brand Specialist- Fenton Joseph

Fenton Joseph is an interesting character who brings such an amazing perspective to the Sircle Media family.  He has such a great eye for branding and his insight proves incredibly useful for our many clients.  We sat down to get to know him a bit better, and this is what we found out.

What is your name? Fenton Joseph 

What made you get into social media? I got my start in the music industry, using social networks like MySpace to promote the artists I produced. I guess you could say I was an early adopter, mostly due to my age. One by one Myspace, Facebook and Twitter all popped up as I was actively searching for new ways to get music out into the world outside of the conventional record industry outlets. Totally lived the DIY revolution.

Where were you born?  Brooklyn! NY

How old are you?  31

What is your favorite color and why? Silver? Because my car never looks dirty.

Best comedy film of all time? Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

What was the last song you listened to on your IPod? I don’t own an iPod. I have an iPhone for that. That said, I don’t listen to music on my iPhone because the audio quality is really bad. I listen to music at home on my professional monitoring setup. Audio snob much?

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? Maya Angelou. Because I am in a committed relationship and going to lunch with Maya Angelou would in no way constitute a “date”. It would, however, still make for great conversation.

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Sircle Media’s 3 Step Process to Social Media Success

Success through Social Media is not some voodoo formula that magically makes your business grow leaps and bounds over night.  Like anything else you need to employ make sense strategy and execute accordingly.  We have developed a 3 Step (Phase) process that we think works in achieving measurable success through Social Media Efforts:

Step 1- BE SEEN

We design your assets, update your touch points (Website Icons, Email Marketing Icons, and all of your Social Media Profiles) and devise a themed messaging strategy around what will be SEEN when fans/consumers/prospects SEE you online. We secure all of the necessary usernames across all platforms (even if you are not using that profile yet) and we make sure that everything is on brand. We focus most heavily on custom Facebook design because we feel this platform affords us the most robust messaging tools to communicate your overall message. We want to gain likes, encourage brand awareness around all of your products and services and encourage the sharing of your content by Facebook users amongst their friends and family.

Step 2- BE HEARD

This is where we actually get some new eyeballs back to your “home base platforms” (Facebook and Website) using tools such as “fishing social platforms” (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram).  We need relevant content to share with these platforms as a tool to incent the visit.  What is your unique selling proposition and what is your brand strategy to drive buyer behavior? Some brands discount through sales while others might want to maintain a high end image.  These are different brand approaches and with each you need to employ a different methodology.

The other tools we implement during this phase are: Facebook Ads, Blogger Outreach (influencers who can do some editorial or advertorial coverage on us) Email Marketing to strategic lists in our target demo, Live Events etc. We need to use non-social platforms to drive eyeballs back to our home base platforms in order to get them as potential users of our service.

Step 3- BE KNOWN

Once we have employed methods to drive new fans and followers it will create fresh activity on our platforms.  Then the up front BE SEEN strategy starts to kick in as users engage with our EdgeRank optimized messaging plan (on Facebook) and our custom Facebook applications.  Now we employ contests and promotions to help carry the brand and marketing message across multiple channels.  We can also create collaborations with other brands and entities who will help us double down on our Be HEARD efforts. You cant jump to this step, because you first need to create buzz and a following to have these brand ambassadors doing the heavy lifting for you.  Also other brands will only want to collaborate with your business if you bring some sort of tangible benefit to theirs.  Having a real and active following gives them an audience to promote their services and they will be more inclined to enter into mutually beneficial relationships that allow you to both win.

So in the end it is very important to follow this 3 step (phase) process and know that you will squander opportunities and compromise success of the subsequent step if you cheat or rush the prior one!  I also think this roadmap helps put into perspective that you don’t just launch a Facebook Fan Page and buzz just starts. You have to dig in and work to get there, but it is well worth it when you do!

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Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Andrew Bellaflores

Sircle Media is proud to announce that they have hired Andrew Bellaflores of Roslyn, NY fame to be its newest Social Media Strategist.  Andrew actually interned for the company while still in college back during the summer of ’11 and he has returned to the family as a full timer! We are thrilled to have him on the team and we wanted you to get to know a little more about him.
Whats your name? 
Andrew Bellaflores 

What made you get into social media? 
I have always been a social person with life, and I saw early in high school that social media on a variety of different social media platforms was a great avenue to connect with friends from all around the world. My interest in social media expanded and led me to an internship during college. I then consulted at a Venture Capital Firm with some of their start ups with regards to social media strategy. I am always interested in learning about the latest news and technologies. 

Where were you born? 
San Francisco, CA. Grew up in Roslyn, NY 

How old are you? 

What is your favorite color and why? 
Orange, because of The New York Knicks and The New York Mets. 

Best comedy film of all time? 
Forgetting Sarah Marshall 

Last song on your ipod? 
Finally Found You (R3hab & ZROQ Remix) by Enrique Iglesias /  The Boxer by Mumford & Sons. I have music ADD and always change it up. 

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? 
Angelina Jolie, she’s a world renowned philanthropist, award winning actress, the poster woman for female sex appeal, and a world traveler–shes educated, smart, talented, and beautiful. You tell me, what would be better than an intellectual conversation over dinner with her?  (We think the after dinner experience would be better Andrew, just sayin…)
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Beats By Dre: Branding 101

Clients ask me all the time to name some brands who are “doing it right”!  Those who are playing the content game and exploiting social media vehicles to extend the reach and relevancy of their brand.  Now there are many that come to mind, but one that really stands out to me is Beats By Dre!

This is a relatively new brand, launching in a very competitive space. Not to mention that the average price tag is high during a time when the economy is way down. You wouldn’t know it though walking the streets of NYC on any given day. In fact I was on a Subway recently and I counted 17 pairs in just one car!

#Respect the #Marketshare

They are doing a tremendous job with content creation and distribution by using social platforms, especially Instagram! Sure it doesn’t hurt that they are backed by major star power driven by Dr. Dre, but that doesnt guarantee success on its own of course. It is about the execution and commitment to an excellent brand.  Take a look at their website and tool around a bit. I am sure you will be as impressed as I am!




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Using Instagram To Grow Your Brand!

I came across these simple, but spot on tips for using Instagram to grow your business on Social Media Today and I felt compelled to share it.  The whole article paints a very clear picture of what Instagram is and why it is so powerful. Give it a quick read and take notes.  Here are the 6 tips:

1. Use images to tell a story, not blast your branding

If you sell a product or service, make sure the images you use are about the experience of using the product or service, and not a product placement ad. Starbucks is an example of a big brand that does this well. Sure their photos show lots of Starbucks cups, but their photos also tell a story—the focus is always on what the person is doing while enjoying their coffee—on the beach, reading a book, etc.

There’s not a lot of tolerance for marketing that’s obviously marketing on social in general, and I would argue less so on Instagram. Keep it subtle and keep the focus on the experience or emotion your Instagrams project.

2. Most photos fall into two categories: beautiful imagery or humor

Make sure your Instagram photos fall into one of these categories. Generally a humorous photo needn’t be beautiful as well. Most users aren’t posting all their random party pics to their Instagram stream and brands should exercise similar constraint. Photo albums in that vein are for Facebook. Think of your Instagram photos as high value/low volume.

3. Don’t post too often

A general rule, don’t post more than three photos in a row or once every three hours. If you post more often than that, you run the risk of hogging your users’ feed. And don’t automatically share your Instagram photos to all your networks—editorially select and customize each one for the appropriate platform.

4. Choose an account name that’s the same as your Twitter handle

Having the same Instagram account name and Twitter handle serves two purposes. One—your profile will be easily recognizable and easy to find. And two—if you are tagged by another user in a caption and that photo is shared on Twitter, that tag will link to your Twitter profile. It ensures that tagging makes sense when an Instagram photo is shared on other networks.

5. Use hashtags, but don’t be creepy about it

Like on Twitter, hashtagging photos enables discovery of your profile by users outside of your primary connections. You can use the search functionality on the app to find out which hashtags are often used. Like on Twitter, hashtagging Instagram photos by event, geolocation, or subject matter is a good idea.

Other hashtags people tend to use on Instagram are filters and colors. Hashtags tend to be somewhat limited on Twitter due to the character length limitations. Because Instagram doesn’t have these limitations, this has encouraged some users and brands to stuff Instagram captions with every hashtag imaginable. Don’t do this—it looks like you’re trying too hard. Even worse, it makes you look like a spammer.

6. Set up an account on a web-based viewer

Instagram’s focus continues to be all about the mobile experience, but the app recently added the ability to view individual photos on the web through a shareable link. This feature allows your Instagram stream to not only be seen by those not using the app, but allows those who do have an account to like and comment on a shared photo right from the web. However, using a separate web-based viewer can help you manage your presence and track your progress.

Using Instagram’s API, these tools recreate your feed on a webpage, so you can view multiple photos at a time (without scrolling) on your computer. Most often you can make the same actions (liking, commenting, searching, tagging, etc.) on these web viewers that you can make on the mobile app. My favorite tool is Statigram—they even have a few basic metrics, comment notifications, and an Instagram campaign toolkit.

Hope this was helpful! Follow us on Instagram @SircleMedia


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