Social Media Design Cheat Sheet!

We came across this incredibly useful infographic created by Lunametrics and just felt compelled to share it.  It is incredibly useful in setting up Social Media Profiles to ensure that your branding and message are well presented and consistent with best practices by platform.  It breaks down the different social networks in great detail and even taught us a thing or two that we have already been passing on to our clients.  So many profiles look out of place or have a subpar brand footprint because whoever created them didnt have the ideal dimensions in mind.  With this graphic, now they do!


It is also incredibly useful for Community Managers, especially on Facebook.  It breaks out posts, highlighted posts, app images and even all of the different Ad dimensions.  This is such a useful resource in helping you govern day to day communications.  It can and will make a big difference and we highly recommend you save it and USE it right away.

The image we provided here is just a tiny snapshot.  The full image can be found here.  Enjoy!

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Strategic Facebook Design And Development

At Sircle Media we pride ourselves on our Facebook App design and development.  We think it is a very important component of the social footprint and we thoroughly enjoy creating features that will satisfy our client’s needs.  We’ve recently been working though a new “Look Inside” Tab and we thought we would share the thought process with you.

Top Feature Box:
This is the real estate at the top of the page.  It can be flush to the edges or we can create an actual “feature box” to properly frame it.  You can feature video or images, but most importantly it should be a powerful piece of content with meaningful presentation.  This could be a look book, a large showcase that presents a new line or just a graphic with a BUY NOW feature that encourages that traffic go back to the website to purchase product. EXAMPLE

Inside Look Box
This is a new feature we have recently rolled out that is very popular.  It was created in response to a lot of prospects and clients telling us that they struggle with having their audience know their full capabilities or product offerings.  This “deeper look inside” allows us to feature additional products and/or services in a smart way.  We showcase thumbnails (generally 4-6) and then have a brief product description accompany the most recently clicked image. (along with a larger feature or “show case” of that image)   All images click through to the website for a more detailed description and hopefully a purchase.  Also if the content lives on a website we can add a Facebook Like button to that image and when LIKE’d it will create an event on that user’s newsfeed, showing others that they engaged with that image. Great content marketing! EXAMPLE

Integration of Other Social Platforms:
We like to make it very simple for a user who finds this tab to locate the brand on other social networks.  People like to receive or engage with content in different ways and we think it is mission critical to help facilitate that.  We customize follow icons for whichever we (client and Sircle Media) deem relevant and then try to help users navigate to these profiles in a simplified way.  EXAMPLE

Like everything we do and build it is all about the “why are we doing it and how will it help us achieve our goals” questions.  This tab is all about strategy and is a great addition to a brand’s social identity.  To learn more about this or to speak about different development needs based on your objectives just ask. We are here to help!

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Instagram Profile Pages

Instagram finally rolled out User Profiles for The Web last month and it was long overdue.  The mega-popular photo sharing app has been a social media darling this year, but engaging with brands on the web has been less than ideal.  Third party sites have been great resources to track chatter and analytics, but brands have not been able to really control their voice online, until now:

By now we all have an Instagram Profile Page and you just need to go to to see it.  When you get there you will notice that it looks a lot like Facebook, which only makes sense as they own Instagram!  You don’t have much flexibility in how it looks, but you can add a custom profile photo, tagline and website URL.  Users can follow your profile and Like your photos right from this profile page. They also now have a much cleaner and organized look into your Instagram photo library

For now you cannot upload images directly from the internet, which would probably flood the system with a lot less “genuine” images and risk turning off a lot of native users.  Consumers don’t have much functionality to capitalize on (yet) so it is more about seeing and observing your brand.  That will likely change soon as we would expect a number of enhancements to be in development for a 2.0 rollout soon enough.  One ideal addition would be the ability to drive users back to your website by assigning links to images, especially if e-commerce is a top priority.  Hopefully they will include useful analytics and insights for brands to capitalize on too!

This change affords businesses and brands a broader reach beyond the iPhone and Android users who have been enjoying the wonderful world of Instagram exclusively.  It is an addicting platform (coming from an avid user) and it represents a tremendous vehicle for continuing to tell your story to consumers.  Expect Instagram to continue pushing the envelope to ensure that it is a “must have” and not a “nice to have” component of everyone’s online strategy.

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