Why You Should Consider Responsive Design


When the development of websites started to grow and gain popularity in the 1990s, the only objective for web designers was to create websites that were compatible with desktop computers.  Over the years however, multiple internet enabled devices have flooded the global market. With the increase in popularity in various versions of internet enabled devices, it is vital for companies to design their websites using responsive web design to interact and stay in touch with people.

It is predicted that 1.2 billion smart phones will be sold in the year 2013 alone!

responsive-design-example1What Is Responsive Web Design

The basic concept of responsive web design is to design once, but have it adjust to virtually any screen and device currently available, and even those not yet created. It does this by not focusing on what device is accessing it, which can quickly become a long list of variables, but instead seeing at which sizes the website design “breaks”, and adjusting it to not do so. By focusing on breakpoints, instead of device size, you are fixing the fundamental issues with the design. This creates a cleaner, more fluid design that reacts to itself, instead of the ever-changing landscape of devices.

This means, whether a device is as large as a Full HD Monitor, or as small as a Mobile Phone, the images, text, videos, animations, functions, and more will all adjust to fit and work accordingly. No matter where or from what device a user is visiting a responsive website, you can be sure that they are experiencing it properly.

Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Accessibility: Most smartphone users have their devices on them 24/7, which means that most people will use these devices to access a website on a daily basis. It is therefore vital to ensure that individuals can access your website no matter what device they use.

As a brand sets out to optimize their Social Media plan this is something that they must think about very carefully. Social Media is all about the sharing of content and each business hopes that their content and their products or services become worthy of being shared. With this is mind it is detrimental to that plan to have a website that is not easy to engage with when viewed on a non traditional, mobile device. While they might seem disconnected they all mold together to create a comprehensive make sense plan.

Cost: The long term cost of creating a responsive design is going to be less than having to create different versions of your website for the different device experiences. Although the initial cost of creating a responsive design is a bit higher, the alternative would be to create an application for every mobile platform in the market today; a task that will require lots of time and will cost more in the aggregate!

Stay Optimized: It seems like yesterday when the only resolution on computer monitors was 1280×1024 (or 1024×768, if you’re old enough). Today, HD screens with greater resolutions are all too common. Websites which were designed to specifically fit old PC monitors leave unattractive gaps of space on the sides when viewed through high resolution HD screens. Having a responsive design will allow you to fix this in the near term and will always keep you in the game because regardless of what new screen types are created, a properly developed responsive design will always be compatible with it.

Image: For a business to create and maintain a strong brand, it must portray a positive image to its clients, customers and/or prospects. A key component in branding today is having an amazing website with great content and attractive design. Businesses often spend a lot on their website to achieve the goal of leaving a lasting impression, so to not do the same for alternate experiences such as mobile and tablets would run counter to that strategy.  If you have an amazing desktop version for your website then naturally, people will expect the same in their smartphones, tablets and other internet devices. A responsive website design will ensure that your website meets this expectation by delivering on the same user experience that people get on the desktop version.

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Google Analytics On Facebook Tabs

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 10.53.54 AM

Did you know that you can add Google Analytics to any Facebook Tab that you create for your fan page?  This tool can help you gain deeper insight into how these pages perform and how users interact with the content displayed there.  Data like this helps marketers understand a bit more about their fans, which is helpful in exploring and creating new touch points for the brand or business.

Here is a snapshot from one of our client’s pages in January, showing that there were 500 unique views to this particular page in the month. It also shows that on average the user spent 3:52 minutes engaging with or reading their content.  This is a compelling stat, as that is a long time for any consumer to be viewing their customized marketing message.

Bounce rates and %exits are high, but that is to be expected on a one page tab on Facebook.  If this were a multi-page website these would be alarming stats for sure.  In the end, as marketers try to understand the ROI and KPI’s behind Social Media, increased visibility like this is a no brainer component to add into the mix.

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Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Dianna Falzarano

We are so pleased to welcome Dianna Falzarano to our family and we know she will be an instant hit with our clients.  Dianna brings both fashion and PR experience to the team and will no doubt be a great help in sourcing influencers for our client’s products and services. We sat down to get to know her a little better and this is what we found out:

dianna fWhat is your name- Dianna Falzarano

What made you get into social media? I enjoy posting and following my favorite brands, designers, actors, actresses etc on all social media platforms.  So I kind of thought what if I was the person on the other side? Social media is changing everyday and I feel that now is the best time to get into the industry and learn more about it.  I can evolve while social media evolves too. Now that I’ve landed this job at Sircle it’s such an exciting start for me.  I can’t wait to show people my personality and creativity through my work with clients.

Where were you born? Bethpage, NY at Mid Island Hospital

How old are you? I am 23 years old

What is your favorite color and why? I love aqua and turquoise.  It is the color of my room at home and reminds me of the beach and summer.  It is also a great accessory color!

Best comedy film of all time?  Wedding Crashers hands down.

What was the last thing you listened to on your ipod? I don’t care (I love it) by Icona Pop.  I probably have played it 100 times this week.


One celebrity you would take on a date and why? May seem a little strange, but Jennifer Aniston.  Everyone knows I am weirdly obsessed with her (I only drink smart water).  I would love to sit down with her for hours! She has a simple, but sexy style and her body is amazing! 

If you were on a deserted island what 3 items would you need (no electronics allowed)? Is it a sunny island? I would need my tanning oil, a brush, and a bag of rips candies.  With those I am set!

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The big winner at last night’s Superbowl was not the Baltimore Ravens, though they really had an amazing win and I am very happy for them.  Oreo, America’s beloved cookie came out in a big way and stole the show in my opinion. They hit things on 3 main fronts:

1) They launched a new Creme Vs. Cookie campaign reminiscent of the “Great Taste…Less Filling” campaigns that Miller Lite ran so brilliantly for years.  It is a no brainer theme with regards to communication and engagement, which is perfectly built for this social media age!

2) Then they were the first commercial to drive traffic to their Instagram Account in lieu of the mainstays Facebook and Twitter which most other commercials signed off with.  Their Instagram account was soft launched prior to the game and teased on other social networks, but the coming out party was this new $4 million commercial during the big game.  The payoff?  35,000 new followers by the end of the game.

They also are taking a different approach to ensure that users remain engaged.  Simply send them a photo that includes the tag #cookiethis and Oreo artists will replicate your image using Oreo cookies and/or creme.  Some great pieces have already been made as you can see here. This is just a genius way to use Instagram to their advantage. They empower the fans to have their voice heard and then immediately serve them up with highly shareable and memorable content to be distributed among their friends and families online. WIN

3) Then the blackout occurred and their team, which was clearly assembled together during the game was poised to make a move on the fly and they launched out a very clever and simple image via Twitter.  The Tweet was retweeted 14000+ times during the game, their best performing tweet to date.  Other brands also pushed out some clever and timely messages (Audi, Tide, Walgreens to name a few) but all eyes were on Oreo last night and their’s really took first prize!

Well played Oreo, well played!

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