Google Glass Parody


It didn’t take long for the comedy writers at Saturday Night Live to point their pens (read: guns) at the highly anticipated Google Glass product. This weekend Tech Correspondent, Randall Meeks (Fred Armisen) showed up on The Weekend Update to offer his insider review on the highly anticipated product.

I have read countless articles on the new and innovative release and know some people who personally have actually had the opportunity to test it out in the past few weeks.  The reviews online have been mixed and the personal accounts from those have used it have been good from an innovation standpoint (the novelty of it all) BUT sort of strange and uncomfortable from a usage POV.

Though I have yet to use it personally, this review by Randall Meeks seems to nail the strangeness of it all!



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Best Business Advice?

0721-business-insider-logo_full_600I am always looking for inspiration and guidance from those who have traveled down similar paths before me. It is such a great way to learn, keep motivated and stay the course. Whereas being an Entrepreneur used to be a four letter word, these days it seems that everyone wants to get in on that game.

 There is this great allure to creating an idea, filling a void and then building the next great answer to a problem or need.  The problem is that the road is awfully bumpy and challenging and definitely not meant for the faint of heart.

I spend my days working with my clients to better understand their real business objectives and then I help them implement make sense strategies to get where they want to go online. As a business owner myself I am also constantly challenging myself to make my business stronger each and every day. If I drive that ship then my clients will be the beneficiaries and we will all win.

I was reading this piece in Business Insider that highlighted 42 very successful people in various fields of business. They were  asked “what the best advice they ever received was.” I think for me it was advice from My Father:

“Things are never as bad as they seem and are also never as good as they seem. You cannot get distracted by highs and lows, and you need to work hard with drive, integrity and compassion during the “middles” if you want to be successful.”

The road to success is often a windy one and if you get distracted by the bright and dark days you are bound to get off track. Dont let that happen!  I have seen this image around the web a lot over the past year or so and it is right on the money.



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Facebook Home


Facebook announced last week that it would be introducing a new product that would change the mobile experience of The Social Network forever. In his announcement, Mark Zuckerberg talked about their “mobile best” strategy (as opposed to the common mobile first strategy for interactive software). The platform looks to be very exciting for Facebook fanatics such as myself.  Here are some main features:

  • Replacing the lock-screen with Timeline updates and Photos from your Facebook account.
  • Chat Heads – Their new feature that keeps the communication portion of SMS and Facebook Messenger in the forefront of your phone experience.
  • People First, Apps Second – The user interface that highlights “the people in your life” and let Apps take a back seat.

They are also about to launch their first ever television campaign across the US and you can see one of a series of new spots promoting Facebook Home here:  WATCH HERE

If you want to hear more in-depth discussion about what these updates mean for developers of Android and Facebook applications on the web, CLICK HERE 

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What can Your Business Do in Just 140 Characters

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.30.31 AM

Twitter announced yesterday that it is relaunching Twitter for Business with new and improved offerings for users on their platform. This is seemingly good news for businesses and brands who have been trying to figure out how to effectively leverage the mico-blogging platform. While Twitter is clearly a monster communications tool, businesses have definitely struggled with how to make sense out of it all.

They provide a video here in this piece on Mashable that explains some of the features.  As an avid Twitter user I have seen firsthand some very meaningful engagements for myself and my clients and I am excited to see how brands continue to evolve through 140 characters.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!

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