Yahoo Takes Tumblr

tumblrSo the rumors starting swirling around last Friday that Marissa Mayer and Team Yahoo had their sights set on acquiring Tumblr. The move reportedly valued at $1.1 Billion is definitely a mega deal, and it is a tactic for Yahoo to go very strong at the Social Media space. This (or something like it) is a move they desperately need to make, to really get on track to being more relevant.

The problem is that Yahoo has developed a terrible reputation for making things “uncool” and that makes any moves very difficult, especially in a highly skeptical internet community.  The Tweets are already swirling!  Perhaps the saving grace to this deal is just how “cool” Tumblr really is or at least is perceived to be.  David Karp has done a great job developing the blogging platform that is for the cool kids and has never really “sold out”. Perhaps until now???

It will be interesting to see if the deal definitely gets done (Sure looks like it will) and then more importantly if Yahoo and Tumblr can combine to make a baby that will be well received and universally used. You wouldn’t think that the active and proud Tumblr users would just jump ship, but you never know.  Typically things are cool until the masses learn about it and start using it and that is exactly when the cool kids leave and go looking for the next big thing!
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SEO More Important Than Ever?


A lot of my clients assume that Social Media (or at least the use of social networking sites) has somehow replaced the need for having an SEO program for their website. That couldn’t be further from the truth!  In fact messaging on social bookmarking sites  has become one of the mission critical components to a successful SEO plan. It is definitely not an either or type situation, a combo of the two will do the trick.

If you have already given up on using SEO for your site or just dont know whether or not you should, consider these things:

There is competition in your business

Your problems don’t just end with your site, you also have to deal with businesses that are the same as yours and who might have well developed products, services and strategies to hog the market and steal prospects away from you. How will you compete even locally when you do not use seo services? Fundamental, but important techniques like keyword placement and improving site content will help your drive more traffic to your site and will also ensure better visibility for your new campaigns.


Social Network Platforms are the “ace in the hole”

Social Networks have become tremendous platforms for the sharing of relevant content. It is the literally the definition of “Social Media” (Shareable content). Most brands and businesses have made the move to Facebook and Twitter, (though most do a terrible job with these platforms) but now with new social networking sites like Pinterest and Google+ you can direct even more visitors to check out your site. You have a distinct advantage if you are employing a Community Management Strategy on Social Networks, while your competitors are not. Sometimes the best first step to SEO is Social.

Search Engines make changes and so must you

Major search engines are constantly changing their methodology to outsmart those who are trying to “game” the system with strange techniques. If you have an SEO strategy in place with a partner who “gets it” then they will adjust their plan to be in sync with the changes put out by companies like Google. This navigator will help your ship stay on course and not allow it to crash and burn.

SEO-friendly = Increased Visibility

It is an ongoing necessity to update your website to be SEO-friendly by using current day techniques to boost visibility. If you produce content and then distribute it in a make sense way then you will be found more often in search than those who do not. Plain and simple.  It is a comprehensive plan, but a worthwhile venture!

So before you implement a Social Strategy OR an SEO Program, consider the fact that you MUST do both together to see real results!

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Personal Brand Websites

On the web it is really important to control the message about yourself as a personal brand.  Granted there are a number of great Social Networks that individuals like myself use all day long to get the word out about who they are and what they represent.  The problem is, either each one only covers a small piece, some people don’t use certain networks and/OR people generally have a very set  process that governs how they use each platform.  As a result the message doesn’t always carry over from one to another, making it very difficult to get a very clear snapshot of that individual in totality.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 4.35.29 PMWe have begun creating personal brand websites to help combat this.  One centralized website that is well branded (very important!) and very clear in its delivery can go a long way.  We implement responsive design, so the site adapts to all different types of devices and a very clean and fluid website sturcture.  You dont want to distract from the message, which is clearly defining the persona.

This website we recently launched for our client Gregory C. Frank is a perfect example of a well executed personal brand website.  We were able to capture the essence of the individual and showcase/highlight the various business initiatives he is involved in.  This was perfectly suited for an aggressive Entrepreneur who has his hands in various projects. We are able to showcase each business, offer a summary statement relevant to that industry and direct users to the Social Networks and collateral he uses for each. Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 4.50.18 PM

In the end he now has a website that he can send to any and all people he comes into contact with that helps better explain who he is and streamlines the conversation for his prospects. This is an intelligent first conversation step and is useful in helping him cross pollinate between his different interests and professions when warranted.

Want to learn how you can get your very own, responsive-personal brand website?  Email us at hello@Sircle(dot)me

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