Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Carlos Palacios

In our quest to increase and enhance our “Digital Design Offerings” we have found a new member of The Sircle Family, Carlos Palacios. He is a sharp graphic designer, with a great eye and we couldn’t be happier to have him with us. We sat down to get to know him better, and this is what we got:

CARLOSWhat is your name? – Carlos Palacios

What made you get into social media? – For one its something that I grew up with and has been a great tool to keep in touch with friends. Its incredible how big of a role it plays in so many people’s lives and I still believe it hasn’t reached its full potential yet. Businesses can present their story in a very unique way via social platforms and I am excited to dive in to help make that happen for Sircle clients. Social media will continue to grow rapidly and I want to be a part of it and grow with it.

Where were you born? – Princeton, NJ

What is your favorite color and why? – Probably blue, always have liked it ever since I was little.

Best comedy film of all time? – Superbad, I still remember watching that movie in theaters and could not stop laughing through out the whole film.

What was the last song you listened to on your iPod? – Beers Ago by Toby Keith

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? – Definitely Kate Beckinsale. Besides the amazing British accent, she is unbelievably gorgeous, ‘nuff said!

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3×1 Denim + Sircle Media = Online Success

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 7.11.38 AM

We are so happy to announce our new partnership with 3×1, the industry leader in the denim vertical.  3×1 has run a very successful business down on Mercer Street in NYC for over 2 years and they are now venturing out into the digital realm. They came to Sircle Media to help them make heads or tails of Social Media, and to show them how it can create new business.  Our plan is to help them do this the right way, by driving web traffic and sales while also growing their loyal fan base through social channels.

297063_211646452230359_118652857_nThey specialize in creating “demim works of art” for their clients ranging from their beautiful pre-selected collection to their full bespoke options for the discerning jeans enthusiast. The business is the brain child of Scott Morrison, who is a true pioneer and industry leader. 3×1 has also expanded into the wholesale realm recently and you will be seeing them in some of the most well known department stores worldwide.

“Keep an eye out for this emerging brand, as they are about to do some pretty incredible things both on and offline. They are perfectly suited to excel online as they have a great product in an emerging industry, and they have developed a cult like following in the denim world. This makes for a great recipe for social success.”said Adam Brown, President and Founder of Sircle Media.

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Facebook Image Enhancement


Last week, Facebook changed the ways an image is shown when sharing links or Ads! If you haven’t noticed in the past, if you would have shared a link with your friends the picture would have only been the size of thumbnail. These images were not very dynamic or eye catching and were not too helpful in boosting click thru  rates.

With this recent update, the image will now be full-width! This new format that Facebook has introduced will impact Page post link Ads, Page like Ads, offer ads, and event Ads. It also is a continuation of a program where marketers were able to have three different Ad placements, including Page Post Like Sponsored Story, Page Post Comment Sponsored Story, and Page Post Ad. However, now they are all consolidated into a new Ad unit where the context would be on top of the image.

A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why it’s so important that your image stands out! With a strong image, people will notice and be lured in by your post or Ad even more. The larger/crisper the image, the more people will take notice and actually read the post and/or click/like the link.

Check out more about this new feature here!

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Google + Motorola= Advertising Genius

Moto X Lazy Phone Ad 3

When the Galaxy 4s was introduced to the world most were captivated by the many features it had to offer placing it in direct competition with the iPhone. Well now the new “Moto X” by Motorola is stepping up their game too. Being that Motorola is a Google owned company it makes all the sense in the world that not only the technology the best, but the marketing behind the Ad’s is pure comical genius. They have launched a few commercials portraying our smart phones as an actual “lazy” person making it relatable to consumers. Through this marketing strategy they have been able to play-up the dramatics and emphasize on how annoying our not so smart phones can sometimes be.

After getting to know you a little bit better and learning your voice the “Moto X” can answer all of your questions with three very special words, no not I love you but “OK Google now” followed by a command. Snapping a picture is made easier than ever before, with just two twists of your wrist your camera is ready to go. This phone is all about the details; it has “extras” you can’t live without and the option to design your own phone. Discover more about “Moto X” and judge it for yourself! Just when we thought AT&T was leading the race with their original and comical commercials Motorola one-upped them. The branding behind the phone, and the actual phone itself is nothing short of genius.

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Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Colin Mutch

We have a new graphic designer in the fam and his name is Colin.  He is an interesting cat and we wanted to get to know him better. So here goes.

DaBossWhat is your name?  Colin John Mutch.

What made you get into social media? It just happened by chance. I already have an associates degree in business administration and was going for my bachelors in finance when I decided that wasn’t something that I wanted to do as a career. After a little soul searching and some input from friends and family I decided to change my major to business communications with a specialization in graphic media.  This is a field where I get to be creative, but also use my business sense. Well I gave it a shot and it turns out that I really enjoyed it, so here I am!

Where were you born? Long Island Represent!

How old are you?  25

What is your favorite color and why? Green because I’m kind of a nature boy so I find it to be peaceful and calming. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also had a huge influence on me in my younger years so that might have something to do with it.

Best comedy film of all time? That’s tough. I would have to say Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, although I’m not sure that that’s entirely comedy. I definitely thought it was hilarious.

What was the last song you listened to on your iPod? AZ – Problems. Yeah I get down like that.

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? Hmmm, so many choices! Probably Sofia Vergara because she’s just super hot.  I don’t care how old she is, I would wife her up no questions asked.

If you were on a deserted island what 3 items would you need (no electronics allowed)? A water bottle, a survival knife and some penicillin! I’m going in John Rambo Style.

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Facebook Terms for Contests and Promotions Get a Facelift


Facebook recently announced guideline changes to their policies regarding running contests on The Social Network. Businesses can now run their promotions directly on their actual business page and no longer have to find a 3rd party to run their contests for them, like Wildfire, Woobox or Zeus. This new feature allows data to be collected by having users post content, comment, directly message and/or even “like” content on the business page and these actions can now be considered as entries into a contest.

With this new update, businesses can now quickly put together legitimate and approved (by Facebook rules) contests on their timeline. All you have to do is make a quick post to launch the contest and ask the users to submit through comments, and let them vote through likes. It’s as simple as that. Using a contest within a post will get a lot of engagement, especially if it is eye catching and offers compelling incentives!  This is very helpful if you are looking to boost the EdgeRank of your fan page.

One additional benefit is that now your contest is mobile friendly, and we all know that many people are coming to you via their phones these days. Remember, Facebook apps are not visible from your phones making that a big negative when running a promotion on an app.

There are some drawbacks to running contests on your timeline and Community Managers will need to be on their game. By using this method of promoting, businesses are not able to collect vital marketing information like emails. It also may be quite time consuming for the administrators if the post ends up getting a lot of engagement. The Page Admins will need to manually moderate entries and choose winners. This update may end up getting you’re business in some trouble if you don’t abide by the laws. You must know your local, state, and regional quidelines when it comes to running contests and follow them closely.

In the end, all businesses want to boost their engagement and their fan base on Facebook. This new feature offers a step in that direction. Learn more about this update here!

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