Dodge’s Clever New Campaign

If you haven’t seen them already, Dodge has filmed about 70 videos to support their Ron Burgundy campaign for the Durango. AND they have added a twist to their campaign. They are doing real-time responses to those commenting on the video Ads. #genius

In one of their videos, Ron Burgandy compares the horse power of the Durango to a horse. In the beginning of October, Breeder’s Cup tweeted “Thinking @Dodge and Ron Burgandy have vastly underestimated the power of one horse!…” In response to that tweet, Dodge came out with a video a few days later of a talking horse who explains the comparison of a horses horse power and the Durango’s horse power. The horse concluded that after you take into account the Durango has a “360 horse power” and a horse has four legs, you carry the one and take the square root of x, and you get Durango.

This campaign is blowing up and is simply hilarious and super clever! How much farther do you think they will take it? I guess we will find out.

Check out the video campaigns here.

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Say Good-Bye to EdgeRank


Facebook is moving away from the use of EdgeRank to determine fan page relevancy on it’s platform.  They have replaced EdgeRank with a new, updated ranking algorithm, which now focuses even more closely on relevancy, content, quality, and variety. The importance of working to “game” the algorithm remains, but it is now a formula with many more data points to consider.

The first thing Facebook aims for is to have timely and relevant content on a user’s news feed. If the content isn’t interesting to the user, they either won’t engage with it or it might not even show up on their news feed. It is also very important that the content being shown is not in any way begging or pandering. It should be interesting and engaging, rather than just asking someone to “like” the post. An interesting and compelling post will get much more engagement.

A business also must ask themselves whether their posts are interesting enough that the user’s friends will share it with their friends. A Facebook post guiding something to click a link should be more than simply a post with a link in it. It should be engaging and informational and ideally leave people wanting more.  That should lead to a click on that served up link to see what it’s all about. Your content AND the way you introduce that content should be great. One last important fact about how to optimize against the new ranking algorithm, is to have variety in your posts. Some posts should have links (especially because of the new link update), some should have images, and some should simply be text updates. The more variety you have on your page, the more people will be interested.

Facebook is working hard to improve the user experience on the platform. This new and more in depth relevancy formula is a big step in that direction.  The faster a brand can learn how to work within it, the better off it will be! To find out more about how Facebook is updating their new ranking algorithm, click here.

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Sircle Media Featured on Social Media Today…Again!

SMT_300x300We were published in Social Media Today again this morning and this time we were talking about the new updates to Facebook retargeting and custom audiences.  This is a hot topic in Facebook (and web) marketing these days and it was nice to see us picked up again as an influencer in the space!

Facebook is working hard to balance driving revenue and increasing value to advertisers while maintaing a good user experience for its members.  Not an easy task, but nonetheless a priority.

To read the piece, CLICK HERE!

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Facebook Custom Audiences


Facebook has just launched a new retargeting tool called “website and mobile app custom audiences.” It allows a business to show Ads to people who have either visited their website or their mobile apps. All businesses have to do is affix a tracking system to their website and apps. and they are ready to roll. The great thing about this new update is it gives the business access to their mobile inventory rather than only having Ads run on the right side of the audiences desktop news feed.

On top of that, it now allows a business to specifically target people based on their gender, geography, age, and marital status. This wasn’t possible for Facebook Exchange, or FBX. The new custom audiences will also be able to remind users that they considered buying a certain item and then link them back to the site where they can shop some more and complete a purchase.

Although this new custom audience tool is great, it’s important for a business to not get rid of FBX just yet. FBX is still the only tool that has “predictive buying,” which means that if a customer was looking at pink dresses, then they might be shown an ad for red shoes. To get the full benefit of targeting an audience, it would be wise to use both the custom audiences and the FBX together. An example of how they could be used together is: “A travel client will use FBX to retarget people who’ve gone searching for hotels and then show them that exact hotel [they saw]. They’ll use custom audiences to reach people who are searching for hotels, but have not downloaded their mobile app on iOS 7 on iPad.”

There also will be an option for users to opt-out from targeting based on its own tracking of website and apps visits. To find out more about Facebook’s new retargeting tool here.

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Sircle Media’s Newest Member: Samantha Falk

We just hired a new superstar for the team and her name is Samantha. She is fresh out of college where she played soccer for The U (said in a thug voice) in Miami. We sat down to get to know her and this is what we learned:

Samantha Falk ImageWhat is your name? - Samantha Winter Falk

What made you get into social media ? - In today’s world it is almost impossible not to get into, or use, social media. I use social media daily, whether it is connecting with friends on Facebook or posting pictures on Instagram, I am constantly checking to see what is happening on my social feeds. Having majored in Public Relations, I became interested in social media and its impact on different types of companies, brands, products and businesses. I think what made me really want to get into this field is that everyone is starting to use it more frequently. Social media allows for businesses, or anyone for that matter, to express themselves in their own unique way, and enables them to connect with so many other people so seamlessly. Unlike other industries, the social media arena seems to be growing so rapidly and I am so excited to now be immersed in it at Sircle.

Where were you born? - Manhasset, NY

How old are you? – 22

What is your favorite color and why? – Sea-foam green, because it was always my “go-to” when I used Crayola Crayons and sounds way cooler than just “green”.

Best comedy film of all time? - There are way too many, so I’ll base this off of which one I tend to quote the most- Step Brothers

What was the last song you listened to on your iPod? - Good Vibrations – Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch… Don’t ask, my iPod was on shuffle and I couldn’t press next. And you can’t not get in a good mood listening to it

One celebrity you would take on a date and why? - Hands down, Justin Timberlake. Besides growing up listening to N*SYNC and being jealous of Britney Spears, JT is in my opinion one of the most talented celebrities today. Not only is he an incredible singer and dancer, but he is a great actor and I am a huge fan of the movies he has been in, and the roles he has played in them. JT has impeccable style, which has made him one of the top male fashion icons over the years. I think he is a man of many hats who wears them all very well.

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Creating Ads On Facebook Has Never Been Easier


For months now, Facebook has been trying to simplify their advertising processes. They released streamlined Facebook Ad types and Ad products, removed online offers, sponsored results and question ads, and even enhanced the image size that goes along with the Ad. Now, they are making it even more simple and allowing advertisers to hone in and focus on what’s really important: driving results for their business.

The first thing that is done when starting to create an Ad is answering one simple question: “What’s your advertising objective?” After that is answered, Facebook will recommend what kind of Ads would fit with that objective and then measure their impact after the Ad has launched and preformed. The objectives that a business may choose from include: clicks to website, website conversions, page post enhancement, page likes, app installs, app engagement, in-store offer claims, and event responses. Choose one, and let Facebook recommend the best Ad-type for you. Simple as that!

Facebook is also now allowing businesses to choose where they want their Ads to appear, whereas before, Facebook placed your Ad where they thought it was preforming best. Now, if a business wants to drive traffic to their website, they can put up a Desktop Ad with a link that drives them to their full desktop site, or if they want to drive traffic to their mobile website, they can put up a Mobile Ad with a link that drives them to their mobile site. This gives the business a better way to tailor Ad experiences.

Another major update was on Facebook’s Ad Manager tool. The tool is used by advertisers so they can see how their Ad is performing. The updated version allows the advertiser to specifically see the results based on their objective(s). It also gives you the cost per stated objective. For example, if the objective was to get “clicks to website”, the results would tell you how many people actually clicked the link and the cost per clicks to website.

For more information about this new Facebook ad update, .



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Pinning Articles To Pinterest Has Never Been Easier!


Pinterest recently released the ability to pin articles straight to their boards. The pins will automatically include critical information in a way that catches the eye and brings in viewers! It will have a story headline, the author’s name, a description of the story, and of course, the place to put the source URL!  There is no more worrying about having to manually put in the information, Pinterest will do all the work for you.

These article pins will look better because, well, now they are meant to be on Pinterest! The images will be larger, the information will be easier to access, and the pinning process is less tedious! #Win

If you’re one to write blogs, articles, etc., this new feature should be thoroughly taken advantage of. You can deepen your marketing strategies and provide compelling visuals and descriptions that will stand out! It’s about time this feature made its way to the platform.

With Pinterest’s new ad feature, and now this, Pinterest is taking big strides towards being a more effective marketing machine! Your written content will now have a more prominent role and now you have another place (where a lot of people are) that your articles can be seen, re-pinned, and viewed.

Click the link to learn more about “Rich Pins for Articles”!

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Google+ Making It’s Way to the Top


Google+ has just introduced two new features that have the potential of boosting them up in the social media rankings. They are slowly sneaking up on Facebook and they will continue to do so in the coming months! The two new features include: 1. Author Attribution for content makers: giving credit where credit is due, and 2. Embedded Posts: new audiences for people who publish on Google+.

With this first new feature, content marketers who post blogs using WordPress or Typepad are able to directly link their work to their Google+ profile. People will be able to have yet another place to view your blogs, and increase credibility! This will also increase your Google search rankings! Now, that would be a huge SEO payoff! If this new feature works out, it will grant greater access to high-quality information.

The second new feature is very exciting for the Google+ platform. Website owners can now take any kind of post from Google+ and directly put it on their page. There it will be interactive as they can +1 it, comment, or even follow you. This will allow a content marketer and even an individual to expand their audience and gives them a lot more opportunity for interaction.

With these types of moves Google+, will get more users and have more of those users gain followers on their platform. It’s a win-win! For more information about Google+’s race to the top, click here.

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