Instagram Explore- Now More Relevant


The Instagram Explore tab has just gotten cooler. The explore tab is no longer a sampling of photos from highly influential, random people. Now, based on your social representation, it is a relevant collection of photos that you will most likely love and engage with. We, here at Sircle Media have tested it out and done some research on how it can be utilized to increase the reach of your grams. Some quick notes:

  • The photos in your “explore” were posted in the last 0-5 days so everything is very recent
  • Each photo has been engaged with by one of the last 21 people you engaged with
  • You will find 21 photos in the Explore tab

Instagram confirmed the change saying “We’re always looking to update the types of posts you see in Explore to better tailor it to you. We’ll show you a variety of photos and videos that people you follow have liked, as well as content that is trending in the Instagram community.” This revamp will change the dynamic of growing an audience on Instagram.

A notification will appear in your own News Tab if your post appears on Explore because it’s trending in the Instagram community.

To find out more about the new Explore tab, click here.

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Video Metrics for Facebook Coming Soon


Do you ever wonder if your videos are being seen on Facebook? With the goal of helping you understand how people see and respond to your videos, Facebook is announcing new video metrics in Page Insights.

Right now, as a page administrator you are only able to see how many people started watching your video. When video metrics are released, you will be able to see unique video views, the average duration of a view, total video views, and audience retention. Videos might not currently be the best performing type of post on Facebook, which is why this new feature will help you understand what resonates with your audience and how to improve the videos you are producing and using on Facebook.

For more information and to see a preview, click here.

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Facebook’s New Audience Network


The Audience Network’s native format ads fit the look and feel of the respective app supporting an ad. Early tests have shown that these ads drive great performance.

Facebook recently announced an expanded test of their Audience Network (FAN), which is a new way for advertisers to widen their campaigns beyond Facebook and into other mobile apps.

“Facebook ads work because they’re personal, relevant and easy to measure on both desktop and mobile. The Audience Network brings these same powerful features to additional app-based mobile experiences, giving marketers even more scale for their Facebook campaigns.” (Facebook for Business)

The FAN uses the same targeting options including custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and core audiences.  This Audience Network will roll out to more advertisers in the coming months. To learn more about it’s features and how it can be beneficial to your brand, click here.

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Twitter’s New Website Card: What You Need to Know!


The latest Twitter feature, the Website Card was introduced on Friday, May 2nd. The new ad unit is a powerful and new way for advertisers to easily surface website content within a tweet and drive relevant traffic to any page of their site, whether it be their product page, homepage, or a blog post.

This card permits users to easily find interesting content while providing advertisers the ability to drive a higher volume of URL clicks.  Users are able to preview an image, related context and a clear call to action in their timeline before tapping. Advertisers can tease certain content and therefore entice visits.

This is a great addition for Twitter marketing as it allows brands to get more information about people once they’ve gone from a Website Card to a commercial page. As Twitter grows and matures, so too shall it’s marketing opportunities for brands.

For more information on Website Cards from Twitter check out their blog post on it here.

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Snapchat Additions: What Will Brands Do?

snapchat_large-540x200Snapchat announced two important new features last week; text messaging and video chat.  These updates make the rapidly growing photo sharing app much more versatile and intriguing. Good news for those individuals who are snap and chat ready at all times, but what does this mean for brands? Should they be on there? Why? What are the benefits?

According to a recent article on Adage, Taco Bell, which was one of the early adapters on Snapchat, has agreed to release it’s newest taco on the app. As more and more brands start adopting strategic integrations it should spark new ideas and inspiration for others to follow suit.

The playful platform is so popular among users and if you can figure out how to leverage that audience you are going to be in good shape. For the moment, there are no analytics beyond seeing the number of followers which could be a problem for tracking.  That being said, it is very hard to ignore this large of an active and engaged audience.

Keep up with all of Snapchat’s changes with Mashable here.


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