To Sling or Snap?


Last Tuesday, Facebook launched its new app, “SlingShot”. Strikingly similar to Snapchat, Slingshot is essentially a messaging app that allows users to send disappearing pictures and videos to other users. But Facebook says that the app is not a messaging app, but a “sharing” app – more of a “virtual status update”, if you will. Here’s what you should know about Slingshot that, slightly, sets it apart from Snapchat:

1. Slingshot allows users to send picture and video messages up to 15 seconds long

2. Anyone can send messages to anyone on Slingshot – there is no approval process for adding contacts

3. Slingshot requires users to respond to a message BEFORE they can unlock and view it– encouraging, or more so requiring, active engagement with the app

4. Once you “unlock” your Slingshot message, you can leave it open for as long as you like – but once you close it, it’s gone for good

5. Slingshot comes with features to save picture and video messages – but unlike Snapchat, the original sender will not receive a “screenshot” notification

6. Messages sent to only to you come with a “Just for You” notification, while messages sent to multiple people will appear with only the senders name

In addition to these more obvious differences, Slingshot is said to be faster and more elegant in its design and features like text and drawing tools than it’s competitor Snapchat. To see you for yourself, get it straight from the source, Mashable!

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How Video Helps Brands Build Their Audience

More and more we begin to see advertisers utilizing Facebook to reach out globally with their marketing efforts. Companies have even begun to look beyond traditional forms of Internet and social media marketing with the help of Facebook’s new video advertising capabilities.

Facebook video ads are tailored so that they are shown to individuals within a specific target market that a company intends to reach and who are most likely to watch and engage in the ads. In addition, the videos also give those who are watching access to a more in-depth experience by attaching links at the end of the videos that enable the viewer to replay, learn more, visit the company website, etc.

Facebook video advertisements also have reach and frequency buying capabilities which allow advertisers to see who is viewing their video ads and how often. That being said, advertisers can more efficiently regulate the reach and frequency to determine the effectiveness of the video ads in regards to the audience and viewing numbers. With all these new features, Facebook video advertisements are truly a game changer for the business world. Click here to learn more.

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Meet Sircle’s Newest Intern: Allison Safir

Allison (Alie) Safir

Hometown: Rye Brook, NY

College & year: Sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

What are three things you like about social media? My favorite thing about social media is how easy it makes it to keep in contact with others.  I constantly check Instagram and Facebook in order to see what all my friends are up to throughout the week. It also allows me to keep in touch with friends who I do not see on a daily basis. Lastly, I love that I can stay updated on my favorite brands.

What is the one thing that you’re looking forward to most about your internship at Sircle Media? I’m looking forward to learning more about how social media affects the market place. As an avid social media user, I am intrigued to see how my actions influence the business behind it.

If you were on a desert island, what 3 things could you not be without? Contacts, sunscreen, and my favorite pony-tails (one thick and one thin-can that count as one item!)

What’s your guilty pleasure? Dancing and singing alone in my room to One Direction and Justin Bieber (shh-don’t tell!)

Who is your celebrity crush? Why? Andrew Garfield, because who wouldn’t want to date a superhero?

Starbucks? Dunkin Donuts? Or the local coffee shop? Unlike most people, I am not a coffee drinker.  But hey, who doesn’t love the occasional Vanilla Bean Frappuccino from Starbucks to release their inner twelve year-old self?

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Twitter Cards: Expand Your Tweets, Expand Your Business


Twitter Cards are a great new way for businesses to feature their content. The Twitter card expands a tweet beyond the basic text and creates a media rich experience that includes anything from images to videos to product information.  Whatever you may be promoting, from a product to a website, Twitter has created 8 different cards to help you do it.

1. Summary Card: This card summarizes any type of informational page, such as a blog, and provides access to further information

2. Photo Card: Great for any business featuring art or photography, this card allows you to highlight one photo within a tweet

3. Gallery Card: Just like the photo card, but allow up to four images in a tweet!

4. App Card: This card detects a user viewing a tweet on their iPhone and directs them to the App store to download the business’s app!

5. Player Card: Puts live video or audio within a tweet, allowing businesses to tweet each piece of media they create

6. Product Card: The product card should be seriously considered for any business selling a product – The card allows a business to feature a product with title, description, thumbnail image, and Twitter handle attribution, along with details such as price, location, and availability to make purchasing easy!

7. Lead Generation: Great way for users to get leads for businesses – the user clicks just one button to share their Twitter associated email and subscribe to their page

8. Website Card: Features a businesses website to drive traffic directly to their homepage!

For more information about Twitter Cards and how to install them, check out this article.

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Instagram 6.0- Becoming a Pro Photographer the Easy Way


Instagram 6.0 is the new way for users to rethink the way they post their photos. Instagram is no longer a photo app for over-edited photos, but now with the addition of nine new effects and adjustable filters, Instagram 6.0 will make you a better photographer with just the click of a button.  We, here at Sircle Media have tested it out and done some research on how it can be utilized to increase the “realness” of your grams.  Some quick notes:

  • The control button can be used to maximize or minimize the original strength of the filter
  • The 9 new effects include: adjust, brightness, contrast, warmth, highlights, shadows, saturation, vignette, and sharpen
  • Optional boarders for picture and video posts

Co-founder, Kevin Systrom confirms, “There’s an appetite for more advanced tools to let people be more creative on top of their photos.”  Instagram 6.0 will allow its network to reduce third-party editing app usage by focusing solely on the new adjustable effects to create professional-looking photos.  This revamp will change opportunities for posting and will generate a larger Instagram network.

Sircle’s POV for brands:

  • Gives brands more options to enhance their photos and videos
  • Allows brands to magnify their brand story-telling
  • Gives brands the power of simple, eye-catching imagery

To find out more about the new Instagram 6.0, click here.


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