Promoting Pins on Pinterest

Courtesy Of: Hot Potato Social Media

Courtesy Of: Hot Potato Social Media

Pinterest has become an increasingly popular way for brands to market themselves online. Now, Pinterest is offering ways for companies to promote their pins and get more people seeing their pins at the best times. Social Media Examiner put together a list of ways for companies to find success with promoted pins.

1) Focus on your content. Make sure the photos you post are high quality and visually interesting. Viewers will especially connect with images they can connect with emotionally. And once you get the hang of posting, switch it up. Don’t keep posting the same types of things over and over—people will lose interest.
2) Use good keywords. Make sure your tags and keywords are creative, relevant, and use an array of specific and broad terms.
3) Make sure you target specific audiences. Create specific content to engage the types of people you know are viewing your posts.
4) Keep in mind that things posted on Pinterest are there for good. It is essential that you plan for the long-term.
5) When you first start out, don’t hesitate to bid aggressively. This will help you gain traction.

Remember that Pinterest is unique in that it is a visual and search-driven website, so creating great content and engaging your target audience is both equally important. With high quality images and the right keywords, promoted pins could be a huge benefit to your company.

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Grow Your Facebook Audience

Courtesy of: Fort Hays State University

Courtesy of: Fort Hays State University

In the days of social media, having a large online presence is essential. But sometimes, even if you’re posting good content, you don’t have a large audience to see it. Social Media Examiner has tips for growing your Facebook audience to best help your brand.

1)   Make sure you have a Facebook “Like” button on your website. That way if people go to your site and like what they see, they can choose to follow you on Facebook to see more from you.
2)   Link to your company’s Facebook page when you contribute content to sites. For example, if you write content for someone else’s website, make sure to include the Facebook page in your bio.
3)   Use your personal Facebook page to link to your company’s page. Under your work section, add your company as your workplace so that it links to your company’s page.
4)   Add your Facebook page to the bottom of your email signature.
5)   Use Facebook Ads Manager to make an ad for your page. This will allow you to choose which audience you want to target.
6)   Use your company’s page as your main Facebook page. Comment, like, and share content on that page to bring attention to it, instead of your own personal page.
7)   Share your Facebook page on other social media sites. Promote your page on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to get more attention.
8)   Try creating a group on Facebook. That way people in the group will automatically get notifications about new posts.

Try some of these ideas to grow your Facebook page. A larger audience will help bring attention to your company and benefit your brand.

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Sircle Media Showcase

On Tuesday, April 8th, Sircle Media held a showcase promoting 4 of our Consumer Package Goods brands; Modern Oats, Avitae Caffeinated Water, ginnybakes and Veestro. Modern Oats, the modern take on old-fashioned oats with a burst of flavor is gluten-free, vegan, and non-gmo. A healthy breakfast option with six different flavors. Avitae, a purified water with natural caffeine, with guess what? Zero calories is the best way to wash breakfast down and give you that extra energy for the day. Everyone has a sweet tooth, right? So indulge mindfully with a crunchy, yummy, and healthy snack, ginnybakes, which is also gluten-free and organic. Ready for lunch? Try Veestro, all-natural, preservative-free food that’s high in protein and fiber, packed with nutrients and simply delicious – straight from your refrigerator or freezer.

We held the showcase at the WeWork 42nd street. The communal working environment that WeWork strongly promotes gave us the ability to enlighten and introduce these brands to working men and women. Each brand was a huge hit amongst members and we are happy to say that sales were made. We were thrilled to see people taking to social media and the internet to highly praise our products like Giorgia, who fell in love with Ginny Bakes!


Because of the great deal of success from our first showcase, Sircle has decided to host other events at different WeWorks! Stay tuned to our blog and social media for updates and information!







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Our President Featured On StartupCollective


Our President and Founder, Adam Brown was recently featured in a spotlight piece on StartupCollective and YEC, where he gave some tips on how to be a successful Entrepreneur.  It was a Q&A format and produced some great nuggets for others looking to run their own business.

When asked what is one thing you would recommend to others to do right now to take their business to the next level, Brown replied:  ”My recommendation is to really know your stuff and be awesome at what you do. Seems obvious right? But the bottom line is a lot of people are just mediocre. You want to shine? Do the unexpected. Offer Four Seasons service, from the first handshake to the final paycheck. That is how you win and how your business will grow.”

He also said, “The best advice I can give to someone who wants to be an entrepreneur is that they need to be all in, right from the start. If you approach it hesitantly and little by little, you will either fail or simply never scale in a meaningful way.”  It is clear that it really needs to be your 100% focus to make it work.   To read the full interview, click here!

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Say Hello to Sircle’s Newest Intern: Alexa Landro


Where did you grow up?
Long Island, New York

What school do you attend and what year are you in?
I am a Junior at Quinnipiac University.

What interests you most about social media?
Social media is something that I grew up with. I find it very interesting to watch how easily and quickly it evolves into newer, greater things. I like how it makes communicating much more streamlines and it helps me keep in touch with friends and family that are out of reach.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?
My favorite social media platform is probably Instagram simply because I love to look at pictures and I think it is a fun way to keep people up to date with life and have them see an event through your own eyes.

Describe yourself in 140 characters:
I am a very kind, driven person who wants to always make people proud and do my best in life.

Dogs or cats?
I love all animals, but I just got a puppy this summer named Cassie and she is amazing!

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or local coffee shop?
Dunkin Donuts all the way!

Favorite movie?
I love comedies a lot, like Horrible Bosses or Step Brothers. There are so many though!!

Last song you listened to?
All of Me by John Legend

Celebrity crush?
Probably Zac Efron :)

What are you hoping to get out of your internship at Sircle Media?
I hope to learn how to communicate with organizations and get the chance to be in a real work environment for the first time. I want to gain skills in the field of communications and become a more well rounded person.

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How To Use New Twitter Video Feature

Courtesy of:

Courtesy of:

Twitter now offers a video feature. The app now allows you to upload videos from your camera roll or take and edit a video without leaving the app. Video is a great tool for businesses to tell a story and connect with their fans and followers.

Check out some tips from Social Media Examiner about how to use the video on Twitter to your full advantage.

1) Use it to chat/answer questions. If someone tweets at your business with a question, a great way to personalize the response is with a quick video of you explaining the answer.
2) Try video in live tweets. People love constant updates on events they can’t be at. A great way to bring them there and garner attention for your business is by showing them the event through video.
3) Inform and educate your audience. You can use video to create short promotional videos that engage and educate your viewers.
4) Get your followers involved. A fun way to use video and increase engagement with your followers is to have them send you videos or hold a video contest. This will get them talking about and using your product for a video, while still having fun and engaging with your brand on social media.

Video has long been known to increase user engagement and visual media drives traffic to your business. With Twitter already being one of the top ways to engage and interact with fans, utilizing the new video feature will be an important way to stay ahead of the competition.

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