Sircle Media- Mobile Tour Design For Ginnybakes

Screen shot 2015-05-12 at 10.01.14 AMWe are always “all in” with our clients and willing to do what is ever needed to help them win online.  Sometimes we also get involved in the offline world to help them get more social with their branding and collateral materials.  Recently our client Ginnybakes asked us to create a design for a van for the company’s Summer 2015 multi-state sampling tour.

Our Art Director, Carlos Palacios took the lead on this project and handled everything from ideation to production.  When it came to creating the design, Carlos said he knew that he wanted to make sure the final product was unique, but still fit the vision of the client and appealed to the target audience. The client had a “colorful 60’s theme” in mind, so Carlos took that and ran with it.

“Both the client and I agreed that pink should be the base color as that would stand out the most, but [pink] would also be a great launch into that 60’s theme,” he said.  At the end of the day, his main focus was making sure he could create an attractive and recognizable design that would help create better brand awareness for Ginnybakes.

Below are some visuals that showcase the various POV’s we created for the vehicle

Sircle-Post-ginnyVan-02We then brought the tour to life on their website with a map that we designed and coded so they could showcase their map and tour dates.  Check it out here: Ginnybakes Tour Map.  Stay tuned for other great design projects coming soon.

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Engage Your Audience


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Having an audience on social media is important, but having an audience that engages with you is even more important. Engagement shows interest, which is something every brand should strive for with their social media accounts. If you’re looking to spark more dialogue between your brand and your brand’s fans, check out these tips from Social Media Examiner.

Creative Questions
Ask your fans questions in a creative way to inspire them to answer. Give them a multiple-choice question, or an interesting graphic, and they will be more likely to respond. Take a look at the brand Zomato for some good examples of this. And don’t forget to be relatable and have a good sense of humor. People respond well to personality.

Unique Contests
The use of contests to engage with fans has become commonplace, so it is important to do something a little different when coming up with a contest idea for your brand. Think outside of the box and do something fun, while still pertaining to your brand, such as contest Turbo Tax did during tax season.

Open your social media page up to dialogue by offering a Q&A session. Invite fans and followers to ask you any question they may have about your brand, goods, or services. NASA holds sessions like this on Google Hangouts to get people talking. People will always have questions, just open the floor and give them a place to ask.

Tag People
When you share posts on social media, tag the original creator. It is likely the creator will thank you, and it will lead to more eyes on your post. If you create an original post, tag all the people, brands, and experts mentioned in the post. This draws more people into the fold, and they’re likely to share and mention you. Drawing people into a post by tagging them starts a discussion.

Ask Fans for Content
A fun way to encourage engagement is by having your fans contribute to your brand’s social media content. A great example of this is when Starbucks held the #WhiteCupContest, where they had people send in pictures of the artwork they doodled on the iconic white Starbucks cups to share on their social media sites. Getting fans involved will make them excited to engage, and they are likely to share with their friends.

Do Good
Social causes are a great way to get more people involved on your page and do something nice for others. Cosmetics company Estée Lauder did a breast cancer awareness campaign by asking their fans to share their stories of breast cancer, and this was a way to engage their fans while spreading a worthy cause. Find a cause your brand can get behind, and then launch a campaign supporting it.

Stay Relevant
The easiest way to encourage engagement and get people talking is to keep up with current events. Papa Johns did a good job of this by incorporating March Madness into their Facebook post. Posting about current events is good for engagement because it’s using things people are already talking about.

There are a lot of ways you can encourage engagement and dialogue on your social media pages. The most important thing is to let creativity and personality shine through all that you post.

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Facebook Tip: Advanced Ad Targeting


When advertising on Facebook, it’s important to do your research first. Make sure you’re using Facebook Graph Search and Audience Insights to increase advertising return on investment, and to make sure you’re targeting the right people. Social Media Examiner has some tips for better Facebook ad campaigns.

1) Research your audience
When you’re looking at potential targets for advertising, take note of the types of pages those people already like on Facebook. This provides an insight into your potential audience based on their likes and hobbies. You can also search and look at the fans of your competition, to get a better idea of the type of person you should be targeting with your advertisements.

2) Location, location, location
Research and target people for advertising based on where they live. Each community is different, and knowing where someone lives can help you adjust your advertising techniques in a way that makes your brand more desirable to people in a certain area.

3) Make it a job search
Look at potential audiences by occupation. Using location and occupation to learn about people provides you with a tremendous amount of insight into a person, and what their hobbies and interests could be.

Once you have gone through all the trouble to collect this information and do your research, make sure you use what you have learned. Analyze the information you have gathered and put together a highly effective ad campaign.

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