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Social media has become an important tool for companies when they introduce a new product or service. Social media is different than more traditional types of advertising because a company’s social media presence often reaches a more particular audience. Social Media Examiner has put together a list of ways to help launch a new product or service on Facebook.

1)   Plan ahead
Start mapping out your Facebook strategy at least two months in advance. Think about what materials you will use on your page and start any preparations.

2)   Build excitement
Start posting teasers about your upcoming launch to get people talking, and use a variety of different content on your page to keep it interesting.

3)   Keep the energy up
Even once your product launches, you have to keep the excitement around it going for awhile. Use promotions and contests to keep interest high.

4)   Assess
Once the launch is over, it is important to thank your audience for their support. Then, analyze your results to see how your campaign did.

These are some of the key points to hit when you are looking to create buzz on Facebook about a new service or product that your company is offering. Be creative and strategic, and start planning ahead in order to have an organized and successful launch.

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Tips for creating video content


In the past few years, video has become much more popular in social media and marketing. With things like the introduction of video on Instagram and instant video on Twitter, it’s no wonder people are using it more. Video provides a unique way to tell a story through your social media accounts that will let you engage your audience in a new way. Social Media Examiner came up with eight ways to use video to interact with your brand’s fans and followers.

1)   Post videos that fans create. This will provide your company with engaging content that other fans and followers can relate to.
2)   Use video content to create a fictional series. This will entertain your audience while showing your product in use.
3)   Share personal stories to connect with and relate to your audience.
4)   Try shooting a documentary-style video. This will be entertaining and informational for your viewers.
5)   Video interviews with influential people in your company’s industry are a great way to share information that your audience is interested in.
6)   Give viewers a behind-the-scene look at your company. It will engage viewers while giving them a peek inside the business.
7)   Animated videos are a fun way to present information to viewers while still providing them entertainment.
8)   A classic “how-to” video tutorial is fun, educational, and interactive for your audience.

Video has become increasingly important in social media marketing, and for your brand to find success you have to create original content that tells a story your audience can connect with.

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Get the most out of Google+


Google+ may be one of the less well-known social media networks, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be used to get more exposure. The more social media networks you are a part of, the better it is for your brand. Social Media Examiner has some tips to increase your visibility on Google+ to help you get the most out of it.

Put the link to your website in multiple places on your Google+ page. The more times it appears, the more likely it is that people will click on it and drive traffic to your site.

Google Search Optimization
If somebody follows your page on Google+, you can appear on the first page of their Google search results. Use keywords and hashtags to increase the likelihood your post will appear in their search results.

Update Consistently
Find a social media manager that you like to help you update both your business and personal pages on a regular basis. You can also schedule posts beforehand to make sure things are being posted to your pages even if you are busy with other work.

Make It Your Business Page
Official business pages on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can be a little limiting in terms of interactivity and engagement, so Google+ is a good alternative. There is a lot more you can do on a Google+ page, such as commenting on other pages, joining communities, creating events, and starting Google hangouts.

Be Involved in Communities
Being in a community on Google+ is similar to being in a “group” on Facebook. It allows you interact and engage other businesses and people who share your company’s values and interests.

Make Collections
The collections feature on Google+ allows you to organize your posts into different categories. This makes it easy for people to follow what they’re interested in without being bombarded with things they don’t care as much about.

It’s important to explore options when it comes to social media. Using these tips, you can get to know Google+ and see if it is right for your business.

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