Behavior Based Emails: Get Involved!


Email remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with your clients and prospects online. Yes social media, search and digital marketing have evolved quite a bit and have afforded brands some really excellent ways to have a conversation with people online. That being said, some good old fashioned email tactics are probably the best way to bring someone closer to an actual sale.

We are always surprised by how many clients don’t email consistently. For those who do, they are almost exclusively doing promotional emails, often referred to as “blasts” which is just an awful and non-strategic term.  At Sircle Media we encourage clients to take their email strategy much more seriously and to have a balance of promotional, informational-content laden emails and behavior based emails.

Promotional emails could be a sale, a special offer or a new product announcement. Those are fairly self explanatory and of course there are tons of different things you could do to improve performance. That is another post altogether.

Informational-content laden posts allow you to share information and content with users outside of the product or service you wish to sell them. It is mission critical to have a conversation beyond the sale, if you want to build a brand and an emotional connection and attachment to your brand or business.

Behavior based emails are probably the least commonly employed, but potentially the most powerful in your arsenal. If you aren’t using them, you should rethink your game plan ASAP. We put together this video to explain them a bit further:


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Video Content Success!

We preach about the value and need for video content constantly at Sircle Media, and that is because if done right it can really turn into something special. We recently posted this very simple video that we created for our client ginnybakes and it earned massive organic reach for the brand.  The video is under a minute (recommended), was posted on #NationalCookieDay (a trending hashtag for that day) and we pushed it out via Facebook and Twitter. The results:

227,035 people reached (branding opportunity), 5494 actual views (content fully consumed) and 400 clicks to the website, which offers direct sales opportunities and retargeting ammunition for other marketing messages. This was a home run across the board.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 7.47.24 AM

We didn’t even have to pay to boost this particular piece of content, it did the work on its own.  So for those who feel that Facebook is no longer a place to market their messages without paid efforts, think again.  As always, if the content is good – great things can happen.

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