Put Product Front and Center With Simple Motion Graphics!

During this global pandemic we find ourselves in, there are more eyeballs on social media than ever before. With “stay at home” orders being the new normal, consumers are inside and are looking to social networks as a form of entertainment to fill their time. It is also very clear, that since they cannot go shopping at stores, they are buying right from their phones and computers more frequently too.

At the moment, many aspects of life are uncertain, but Q2 can be a great time to advance your social media game and take strides toward expanding awareness around your brand. At Sircle, we’re doing this by creating very simple animations that focus on our clients’ packaging and branding. Brands sometimes get too cute with their content and forget to showcase the most important component, their actual product IN PACKAGE.

If you want to create awareness, consideration, and trial then you must be putting brand packaging front and center in your content plan. Even though someone might scroll past your post, your packaging will be the first thing a user sees and remembers, and they’ll be more inclined to purchase in the future when feeling familiar with your brand. In addition, video tends to gain more reach than static-posts, so they pack a bigger punch on both the organic and paid fronts.

Here are some ways we’ve implemented simple animation while focusing on packaging:

  1. Show off brand packaging while also highlighting key ingredients:

For one of our clients, Uplift Food, a line of feel-good probiotic and prebiotic products, animation that highlights ingredients is key. Showing the ingredients in these simple animations is a great way to showcase your product with eye-catching (and scroll stopping) colors and explain the benefits and/or ingredients that set you apart from the rest.

  1. Highlight deals and promos using branding as the focal point:


Another one of our clients, Urban Remedy, a line of organic, plant-based meals and drinks, has made use of simple animation for highlighting promotions. In this particular post, they presented a free delivery promo with their branding and products surrounding text. This is a great way to not only tell potential customers what they’re ordering but show them as well!

  1. Use stop motion to draw the viewer’s eye into your packaging:


Our client Ithaca Hummus, a line of all-natural hummus, has made great use of simple stop-motion for creating attention around a specific SKU. We focused on the hero ingredient and implied fresh taste with the use of the lemons. This is a key differentiator for this special brand, in a crowded category.  Stop motion is a great way to catch someone’s attention, and draw a user’s eye to the branding.

Now is a great time to get packaging in front of as many people as possible with consumption at an all-time high and CPM’s on paid social at an all-time low.  Using motion graphics is a smart way to get more reach and awareness and also leave a lasting brand impression on consumers and prospects. That is is just smart social media management.


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Testimonials = An Effective Win for Q2!

This is a very unique time to be alive, let alone run a marketing and communications strategy for a brand. Though we’re living in uncertain times, studies have shown that social networks have seen increased usage and engagement across the board, as most Americans and bunkered down at home.

Right now, more eyes are on social than ever before and people are doing most of their product discovery online and at home rather than in-store. This means brands really need to hone in on their key marketing messages, including their USPs and their testimonials. Right now, what others say about your brand will be mission-critical in helping facilitate sales. One tactic we’ve found to be very successful of late is using more testimonials in-feed on Instagram. They provide a great vehicle to showcase the usage of a product by real customers and more importantly, to convey their sentiment and experience to new potential prospects.

At Sircle we’re constantly creating new ways to gather and present this content on our clients’ social platforms. Here are some ways we’ve done it:

1. Make testimonials an entry for a self-run giveaway:


Recently one of our clients, Ithaca Hummus, created a self-run giveaway using a video testimonial as one of the forms of entry to win a case of hummus along with some branded swag! Our design team then takes quotes from those video testimonials and turns them into eye-catching graphics. This is a great way to get your fans and followers more involved while creating outstanding content at the same time.

2. Create a #TestimonialTuesday in-feed to share customer feedback:

Bare Bones Broth, a line of Keto and paleo-friendly, Non-GMO bone broth, has made use of testimonials by creating a reoccurring #TestimonialTuesday & tagline “What People Are Saying” on their feed. Using bright colors and bold text is a great way to capture attention and to stand out from the clutter when users are scrolling through their feed.

3. Create branded Twitter/Instagram testimonials:

Another one of our clients, Buff Bake, a line of better-for-you protein cookies, plant-based protein bars, and protein powder, has seen solid engagement on branded testimonials from their fans. This is a great way to repurpose positive comments and feedback that already exists on social, by simply adding your logo as a backdrop. It makes for a very simple graphic that can have positive results, from minimum input.

4. Share customer testimonials that include product usage:

This longer-form testimonial posted by our client Truth Nutrition, a line of all-natural, vegan pre-workout, has bright coloring, clearly shows the product, and explains how the product is used. This type of testimonial not only informs your audience but also shares positive customer feedback in the process. It truly paints the picture for your prospects.

 5. Just get out there and ask for positive feedback from your customers:

Sircle-Testimonials-LinkedIn-MayaFrench (1)

We like to practice what we preach and often include our customer testimonials in our own content. It helps humanize the experience AND paints a picture of how it might be when others experience your brand too. Make sure that picture is a positive one!

Q2 of 2020 will be a very interesting time, to say the least, and it is important to connect with customers and fans as much as possible. Not only does it help convert new consumers from consideration to trail, but it also fosters a sense of community when you share their feedback on your channels. These simple pieces of content pack quite a punch.

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