On navigating Amazon as a brand…

On this edition of Sircle Sessions, we talk about navigating Amazon from a brand or seller POV.  It is not a set it and forget it environment and if you treat it that way you will not have much success.

There are a lot of things to consider, starting with how you are listed, how you fulfill and what type of financial arrangement you want to have with the mothership.  You need an expert (either internal or external) to help you navigate this effectively or you will not dominate. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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On cutting out the term “blasts” from your email strategy…

In this episode, Chris talks about the term email “blasts” and why all marketers need to remove it from their vocabulary.  Not all prospects or customers are the same and many are in different stages of their relationship with your brand or business of course. Therefore, they shouldn’t be spoken to in the same way.

There are lots of different emails that should be in your rotation. Some emails are promotional (though not every promotion makes sense for your entire audience), some are content laden (such as newsletters or ongoings of the business) and some are behavior based in nature (based on a profile, an action or inaction etc.). Within those categories, there are many different variations and messages that should be used. Think about what you would say to each person receiving the email on a one to one basis and attack accordingly.

Email marketing is such an important part of your digital footprint and one that brands have abandoned or even worse, never really invested in the right way. As things evolve and you want to start controlling your own destiny and margins, it is a must-have part of the equation. Thinking about new ways to tactically communicate with your prospects and customers is very rewarding and even enjoyable. Not a blast though – we are not using that term here! ;)



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Sircle Sessions Series: Facebook Algorithm Update

In this edition of our Sircle Sessions Series, Adam Brown and Chris Heller dive into the new Facebook Algorithm update. They discuss how it impacts users and more importantly how it will impact brands looking to communicate with potential customers on the social network.


Users should get a better user experience, which should help keep them on the platform.

Don’t sweat organic metrics like reach and engagement.

Focus on paid social. Learn it, live it, love it!






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On selling more stuff…

In this video, Chris Heller, our Managing Director of Digital, talks about the idea of not just focusing on land grabbing for new customers all the time. While it is always a good idea to be prospecting and acquisition is still the main pillar, it shouldn’t be the only one. You should be focused on retaining customers too and you should think about how best to do that on a more consistent basis.

Not only do you want to improve your Life Time Value (LTV) per customer, but you can also be more strategic at the point of sale to increase average cart order value too. We encourage clients to find ways to upsell and add more revenue per transaction. So you need to split your time trying to get more customers, getting them to spend more when they transact and getting them to come back and spend more frequently. That is how you win online!

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