Hump Day Hype: Today is the most important day…


“The long span of the bridge of your life is supported by countless cables called habits, attitudes, and desires. What you do in life depends upon what you are and what you want. What you get from life depends upon how much you want it, how much you are willing to work and plan and cooperate and use your resources. The long span of the bridge of your life is supported by countless cables that you are spinning now, and that is why today is such an important day. Make the cables strong!” — L.G. Elliott

I read this quote over the weekend and I just love the simple, yet profound message.  Your long-term narrative is determined by your short-term actions and it is important to put in the time, effort and care into the little things you do if you want to have an impact on the ultimate outcome of your life.

We all come into work each day and for the most part, we are in control of what goes down. Meaning, if we want to be really alert, efficient and productive we can and conversely if we want to coast thru the day and/or just turn in mediocre work, that is an option too. The former is preferred, but the latter happens more than most would like, especially by me, the employer of 14 employees.

Now sometimes we are hungover, super tired from lack of sleep or even sick and on those days we have greater forces taking over and impacting things. Hopefully, we all take actions to avoid those, such as not getting [too] drunk, trying to get a solid 8 hours of shut-eye and/or working out and eating right to maintain good health.  That being said they are sometimes inevitable and when those do happen we have less control over the outcome.  

That is all the more reason that when you wake up coherent, well rested and in good health, you should be grateful for the day that lies ahead of you and put in your best effort. Not for your employer, but selfishly for yourself and the bridge you want to build.  Put in the kind of effort that your future you will be proud of today and then do that for as many days as you are able.  

Trust me, they add up and suddenly your bridge has taken you very far and the foundation and support cables are rock solid. You cannot do yesterday over and you don’t need to worry about tomorrow just yet.  It all comes down to what you do today.

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Hump Day Hype: Music playlists for deep focus work…


When you need to go into deep work mode and you are finding it difficult to get started, to stay focused once started or to just really go all in, you need to take steps beforehand to increase your chances of succeeding.  An old coach used to bark at my team – “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail” and I really find that to be so true in life.  Deal yourself in with a winning hand and set yourself up to win.

One move that I have found to be really helpful with this, is having music playlists that are meant for deep work. I highly recommend having a “beast mode” playlist teed up and ready for you to throw on whenever it is game time. 

With streaming music so readily available at your fingertips these days, you can easily grab any kind of music you want at any time.  I suggest songs with no or very little lyrics that have consistent beats (i.e. EDM, Classical, Meditation) so you don’t get distracted and stay completely focused. 

First, start by making the list or just search for public playlists using the term FLOW, DEEP FOCUS or even STUDY and borrow one.  Then play it the next time you have a big project to plow thru. Do it over and over until you create a habit and that way when your brain hears that music, it is conditioned to know what’s up. 

It takes a while for your brain to associate the music with the hard work you’re getting ready to do, but it’s a habit that’s definitely worth forming. This type of conditioning or programming is proven to work, and it is a smart investment to make in and for yourself. Here is one I like and have found really works for me and I would love to hear ones that any of you have created. 

Happy jamming!

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Hump Day Hype: Perspective and mindset…


This week, I am all about perspective. I tell my team that it is on all of us to get up every day, get our mind right and then put in the work that will help each member and in turn, the team and the company succeed.  As young members of the workforce, it is mission critical that we have a strong mindset, confidence in yourself and your situation and the right POV.

To help get there, it is so important to take stock of your immediate, inner circle and assess whether or not each person drags you down or builds you up. So many successful people talk about this topic as a key to success and Will Smith broke it down in an interview a while back. Curate your crew and make sure you surround yourself with winners as best you can.

Regardless, the heavy lifting lies with you. It is very easy to sell yourself on anything (good or bad) and you need to keep things in perspective and adopt a positive mindset. If you start there, then you are putting yourself at an advantage and you will find much more fulfillment in your daily life.

At Sircle, you work at a social media agency (exciting and emerging category), in NYC (many would argue is the best city in the world), that works almost exclusively with healthy CPG brands (that are mostly good humans, making good products that add value to people’s lives) in a WeWork (young, fun, progressive work environment) and for a boss who embraces work-life balance, self-exploration, meditation and mindfulness, personal development and growth and who implemented remote Fridays to help offset the grind of commuting and offer up more autonomy and freedom over your schedule.  Needless to say, s@#t could be worse. ;)

Sometimes even the best of us lose perspective and it is so important to snap back to the reality of your scenario from time to time. Let’s all take a deep breath, appreciate what we have and the table that has been set for us and go and execute.  Remember, your altitude is determined by your attitude!


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On Hump Day Hype

build fire within copy

Every Wednesday I send an email to my team to make sure they don’t succumb to the malaise that can come with “Hump Day.” Most people are going thru the motions at work and I find the day they are most susceptible to the lure of less work or checking out is Wednesday.

The best way to get them to be motivated is not to yell or mandate, but to light a fire in their belly and encourage them to want to be great for themselves and not necessarily for me or the company.  If they see it as serving themselves, they can be selfish and own the effort rather than being told to and potentially resenting it or tuning me out.

During the interview process, I try to hire awesome candidates who seem to have more curiosity than apathy in any aspect of their lives. People who are seeking self-improvement and constantly learning new things are the types that work best for me and who will take a reminder to be great and internalize that message the right way. At least that is the hope…

Today’s message:


It is the middle of a rainy work week and it is easy to be a step slow and a little unenthused. Dont fall victim to that mentality and dare to be different than most.

If you develop good habits you can maintain high productivity levels, despite the temptations to do otherwise. The foundation can be laid by me, but the mindset and effort lie with you.  I (and your clients are too) am counting on you to be better than the rest.

We are all different people with varied origin stories and backgrounds, but all of us should share the interest in being our best selves.  Today, that is all I ask of you.  


Let’s see how it plays out.


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