Dark Posts: Test Your Content


If you already have an established fan following on Facebook and do not want to spam the people who trust your brand, then why not take advantage of Dark Posts? The primary use of Dark Posts is to create unpublished posts in order to test your message. Before this feature, pages that wanted to test content would have to blast their message out to their entire fan base, and most were against this strategy for obvious reasons.

Targeted Posts

Let’s say you want to test a message to a specific group of people among your fan base. With Facebook’s targeted posts, some of these problems were solved. Targeted posts allow page managers to limit their posts to a specific group of fans.

Although this is a cool feature, there are substantial limitations. For example, there are only seven means of narrowing down your target market: location, language, gender, age, relationship status, education status, and gender interested in.

Dark Posts

This feature gives page managers total control over who sees what message. For the first time, you can create posts for the sole purpose of promotion, and the content never has to show up on your page.

The other major use for unpublished posts is to cater messaging to certain populations of people. As mentioned earlier, some of these capabilities exist with targeted posts, but the added layer of interest targeting makes unpublished posts an even better option.

Limit Yourself!

Yes, unpublished posts are great for message testing, but make sure you always stay true to your brand on Facebook. DO NOT use Dark Posts as a way to deviate from the overall voice of your page.

Always remember that promoting unpublished posts that have nothing to do with what your page offers, what your product does, or what your brand is about are misleading and will only result in you losing fans.

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