Developing Loyal Customers


Social media has given brands the chance to get to know their fans and customers, and to build relationships with them. It can also help brands to cultivate loyal, long-term customers if they use the platforms correctly. Take a look at some tips from Social Media Examiner to grow your brand’s relationship with customers.

1)   Personalize the experience. Make each and every fan feel like they matter to you, because they do. End your posts with your name, so they can see that there’s a human behind your brand, or try allowing fans to personalize products.
2)   Reward them. Give your entire social media following a discount code, sneak previews, or contests to let them know you appreciate them.
3)   Give them a surprise. Whether it’s a discount code for reaching a social media milestone, an unexpected birthday gift, or a holiday surprise, do something kind to shock and delight them from time to time.
4)   Remember to listen. Engage with your fans, hear their complaints or suggestions, and take action. Let them know you value their opinion.
5)   Be knowledgeable. There is so much information on the Internet, so make sure you can offer your fans something they can’t find. Know your products and services inside and out so you can assist them with anything they might need.
6)   Don’t forget to follow up. Even if you’ve already answered a question for a customer, make sure to follow up with them at a later date. It’s important they know you value their experience.
7)   Build trust. Keep your promises to fans and always make sure to be transparent. If you make a mistake, own up to it and apologize. People will respect the honesty and will trust your brand even more.
8)   Share values. Every brand has core values they were built on, so share them with your fans. Nothing will create a long-term relationship with a customer faster than knowing you share their values.

The most important thing for building long-term relationships with customers is for the customer to know they are valued. Follow these tips to grow these relationships with people who respect and trust your brand.

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