Facebook Ad’s With Improved Targeting

Facebook keeps trying to one up itself to increase advertising revenue for its investors. Public market pressure is causing headaches back in Menlo Park, CA but Facebook staff is working hard to improve its offerings to advertisers.

Now you can target your Facebook Ads to your current fans, who in theory are truly fans of the services and/or products you offer. ¬†You can also target the friends of your fans, who theoretically are other “like minded” people. Targeting based on interests is what Facebook marketing is supposed to be about and to that end, this move might be one of the best yet.

The more targeted the ads the better the ROI, which will in turn lead to more marketers using this service. This drives up revenue and the stock price soars (at least that is the theory). For now our clients will be testing these features out and we will keep you updated on performance!


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