Google Analytics On Facebook Tabs

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 10.53.54 AM

Did you know that you can add Google Analytics to any Facebook Tab that you create for your fan page?  This tool can help you gain deeper insight into how these pages perform and how users interact with the content displayed there.  Data like this helps marketers understand a bit more about their fans, which is helpful in exploring and creating new touch points for the brand or business.

Here is a snapshot from one of our client’s pages in January, showing that there were 500 unique views to this particular page in the month. It also shows that on average the user spent 3:52 minutes engaging with or reading their content.  This is a compelling stat, as that is a long time for any consumer to be viewing their customized marketing message.

Bounce rates and %exits are high, but that is to be expected on a one page tab on Facebook.  If this were a multi-page website these would be alarming stats for sure.  In the end, as marketers try to understand the ROI and KPI’s behind Social Media, increased visibility like this is a no brainer component to add into the mix.