Intern Turned Full Time Employee: Meet Jenna Ruocco

10457515_10204125463233347_104587206735399677_nJenna interned with Sircle Media for ten months and then was promoted up to a full-time Graphic Designer based on her awesome work. We sat down with her and she shared some fun facts about herself, as well as what she learned as an intern, and how that has transitioned into her full-time position.
Name: Jenna Ruocco
Hometown: Mahopac, New York
College: SUNY Plattsburgh-Graduated May 2014
What do you like most about social media? Being able to connect and communicate with people from all over the world.
If you were on a desert island, what 3 things could you not be without? Toothpaste, my phone, and my dog
What’s your guilty pleasure? Nutella
Who is your celebrity crush? Why? Gerard Butler, because he’s an amazing actor, he’s beautiful, and he’s from Scotland. Who doesn’t love a Scottish brogue?
Starbucks? Dunkin Donuts? Or the local coffee shop? Starbucks all the way.
What was your goal when you started interning at Sircle Media? I was looking forward to really building up my portfolio and also learning more about the business aspects of a professional company.

Now that you are working with us full time, what has changed? What have you learned and done more of that you like? Well I’ve been with Sircle since last December, and started working full time at the end of July. I have been able to balance out my work and really learn time management. I also have a little more time to spend playing around with graphics and learning new things now that I’m working full days.

What is your favorite client to design for? Why? My favorite clients to design for are ecru and Dean Davidson. They are two of the first clients I began designing for when I started and I feel like I have grown with them very nicely. Both are similar in that they have a clean crisp style, yet both are also completely different in their brand approach. So it’s fun to be able to create different styles of graphics based on the client’s preferences. It gives you a chance to expand your skills as a designer.

What do you hope to learn at Sircle Media as a full time employee? I hope to keep improving, and learning every day. Being here since December, I have done just that, so I know Sircle is going to take me to where I want to be as a designer.

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