Is Pinterest A “Must Have” or A “Nice to Have”?

Social Media does encompass everything digital and we feel very strongly that it is not just a marketing tool. It is a mandatory component of any business’ online infrastructure and touches all departments internally, including but not limited to customer service, recruiting, retention and sales.

All that being said, marketing is the lifeblood of any organization and social media is the most powerful ally any marketing team has on today’s internet. In our travels we are constantly asked to advise on which tools are best to use and how to use them. The big players have become an automatic, but who else should be considered?  One definite tool that we have found to be very effective is Pinterest! We are certain this is not the first you are hearing of this beast of a platform, but that doesn’t mean you are using it (or at least effectively) yet!

“We’d advise it’s time for you to consider Pinterest as an integral part of your social marketing effort, right next to the Big 3  - Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Here’s why: businesses that have effectively used Pinterest as a marketing tool have experienced higher referral traffic, higher quality leads, more sharing through Facebook and Twitter, and increases in sales.

That says it all right there! That was taken from a recent article in Social Media Today and it is is the right message. Pinterest is such a powerful tool and it can be a tremendous source of traffic for your business. Some brands have really been making some really nice progress on the platform and if you haven’t already it is time to start paying attention. Read the article for some useful tips and be sure to share this great content with others.

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