Meet Sircle’s Newest Member: Marvin Centeno


Name: Marvin Centeno

What enticed you to get into social media? As a marketing major in college, I was always intrigued with the most effective ways for brands to communicate with their audience. I didn’t always see myself in social media, but I did always see it’s incredible value in establishing relationships with consumers. I am a strong believer that a strong presence in Facebook and Twitter will be as pivotal to brand awareness than conventional advertising in TV and (especially) print.

Where were you born? Born in raised across the Hudson River, in Union City, New Jersey.

How old are you? 23 years young


If you were on a desert island, what 3 things could you not be without? I’m bringing entertainment! 1.) Netflix 2.) Itunes Podcast App 3.) Yankees live-streaming

What is one of your deep, dark secrets (that we can know, obviously!)? I can salsa. Is this dark? We’re going for it.

Who is your celebrity crush? Why? I am currently in a committed relationship with Jennifer Lawrence unbeknownst to the public… and Jennifer Lawrence. She’s really the first celebrity with spectacular, palpable talent, a genuine, down-to-earth personality, and within my age group.

Starbucks? Dunkin Donuts? Or the local coffee shop? Local coffee shop. Starbucks and Dunkin are overwhelming in the city! It’s a gem when you find a local.